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The MASS Chair in the “elegant” Aliana event hall

17.11.2021 | Others

The Aliana event hall is pure elegance. This is how its creators define it and we couldn’t agree more. Without any doubt, “elegant” is the adjective that best defines this modern space located in Rüfenacht (Switzerland).

Aliana is part of Roh & Nobel, a company that was founded in 2008 and offers catering, food styling, cookery school, private chefs and cake making services throughout Switzerland. The celebration of private events is another of the services that it contemplates and that is Aliana's mission. More than 180 square meters, with capacity for up to 100 people standing (80 seated), and perfectly illuminated by a large window that occupies practically all the space.

With a modern and linear interior design, the Aliana event hall includes a fully equipped open kitchen. “We wanted to furnish this long space with linear elements, so we made the built-in kitchen cabinets very angular and elongated,” explains Roh & Nobel founder and director Sandro Dubach.

A comfortable, simple and elegant chair

That is what Sandro was looking for Aliana, a chair to match the elegance of the installation, but at the same time “comfortable and simple”. That is why he chose the MASS Basic Chair designed by ITEMdesignworks for Sellex. 'After a long search, we found the perfect solution with the MASS Chair', recognises the CEO of Roh & Nobel.

The MASS stackable chair in the Aliana event hall


But if there is one thing to highlight in the MASS Chair, it is its high stackability, which allows space to be quickly cleared when required, for example, to host an event in which attendees are going to remain standing. According to Dubach, decisive for them was the possibility offered by the MASS family of chairs to be stacked in up to 40 units on a trolley or 15 on the floor, which makes MASS one of the most stackable chairs on the market and perfect for multipurpose rooms such as Aliana .


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