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Stackable chairs for multifunctional spaces

As its name denotes, a multifunctional space is intended to be used to host different events: meetings, conferences or seminars, banquets and so on.

They are spaces that have to be equipped with functional furniture and a stacking chair is the best seating option to equip this type of multi-purpose rooms. In this way, when chairs are not in use they can remain stacked, taking more advantage of the space.

In addition to stacking stools and chairs, at Sellex, we offer stacking high chairs that are perfect for kitchen counters, bars and restaurants. These chairs are designed to allow people to sit comfortably, while maintaining the desired comfort, at the appropriate height for an elevated bar or counter. Our stackable high chairs combine functionality, for efficient storage, and versatility, as they are able to adapt to different environments, maximising the capacity and flexibility of the space.

Stackable conference chairs

The events hosted by a conference hall are diverse and have different number of people each time. Thus, every functional furniture will be very useful when equipping a space of such characteristics. At Sellex we have solutions for this type of facilities: different folding table systems and a wide range of stackable seating (chairs and stools).

MASS Chair family, designed by Javier Cuñado of ITEMdesignworks, stands out for being a stacking chair up to 40 units, which turns into one of the most stackable chairs of the market. Moreover, it has a clean and timeless design which fits perfectly in conference halls. Another chair family suitable for this type of facilities is SLAM, by Lievore Altherr Molina, because some of its models are stackable up to 8 units.

The same as the Basic version of the NEST Chair range, which can be stacked up to 6 units on the floor. Thus, in addition to being a comfortable seat, it is very practical for multifunctional installations in which space needs to be optimised.

Stackable dining chairs

MASS and SLAM stacking chairs also have a place in the hospitality world. Hotel dining rooms and restaurants can vary frequently table organization according to the number of the diners, so having stackable seating make easier the work in these spaces.

Stacking chairs for restaurants

Restaurant chairs should combine comfort and design, but also resistance because they will be used by hundreds of customers every day. Therefore, we must opt for materials such as polypropylene, wood, steel or aluminium.

The seat and backrest of all versions of MASS Chair are made of textured polypropylene with different thickness. For its part, wood and polypropylene are the main materials of SLAM shell. Combining these materials with steel and aluminium, we can conclude that both stackable chair families (MASS and SLAM) meet the resistance requirement.

In the case of Chair NEST, the main material is polypropylene, to which 20% fibreglass with a textured finish and variable thickness has been added. The frame can be made of aluminium, steel or wood. These materials are also ideal for equipping this type of installation.

Hotel stackable chairs

Although most hotels do not have a restaurant as such, they have a restaurant area. Again MASS, SLAM and NEST stacking chairs would be suitable for these spaces

The use of stacking high chairs in the hospitality industry can be a great boost to bar and restaurant areas. It presents a simple approach to managing events and social gatherings in an organised manner, while maintaining organisation and harmony within the space. The ease of storage of these high chairs as a result of their stackable design makes them particularly suitable for locations where they can be easily stored until needed, thus maintaining their discretion when not in use.

Stackable banquet chairs

In a banquet organization we face a very variable number of attendees. Therefore, it is convenient to have stackable seating that allow the room to be adapted to the assistance volume of each banquet.

Stackable office chairs

Workspaces have evolved to become more open spaces. Gone are the conventional offices with close spaces. It is what we know today as collaborative workspaces. This makes stacking chairs a functional piece of furniture that any modern office should not miss. A stackable chair or stool can be very useful in various situations. For example, to hold an informal meeting with a workmate or to enable a multi-purpose room of a company.

These types of rooms are increasingly common in companies and they can be very useful to organize staff meetings, to receive a client or even to provide training to employees.

Again, stacking chairs allow having seats that sometimes we will use and sometimes not, but they will not take up space.

In this sense HAMMOK seats, which in some cases can also be stacked up to 8 units, are perfect as meeting room chairs, whereas MASS seats would fit perfectly in training rooms.

The NEST Basic Chair could be used in any multipurpose space in an office, as in addition to being stackable, it stands out for having an 'intelligent backrest' capable of adapting to the back of any person, which makes it a very comfortable seating.

Stacking high chairs provide a flexible and comfortable solution for coworking spaces, for work meetings at high tables. These chairs allow users to work ergonomically and can be easily stored away when not in use, optimising the use of space in shared work environments.

In addition, many businesses have dining or coffee areas with high tables, where stackable high chairs play a crucial role. These chairs not only facilitate design and comfort in breakout areas, but also allow for quick rearrangement of space for events or informal meetings.

Stacking chairs for churches

The bench is the seating that has traditionally been used in churches, chapels and funeral homes. But as time goes by it has become necessary to incorporate other types of seating, especially when benches are insufficient to accommodate people who attend the worship. In this case, stackable chairs are a good option because taking up barely space allow adding a higher number of seaters to a church or a chapel when needed. MASS stacking chair family not only presents various chair versions (with armrests, without armrests and high) but also its seats can be upholstered to maintain an aesthetic in accordance with the facility furniture.

Finished for stacking multi-purpose chair

At Sellex we offer different finishes in the whole stackable chair range to meet the needs of each space.

Polypropylene stackable chair (plastic)

Polypropylene is the main material with which we manufacture a lot of our stacking chairs.  This is the case of MASS Chair and NEST Chair, whose seats and backrests are made of textured polypropylene. The SLAM Chair and the SLAM High Chair shells are also made of polypropylene. 

Wooden stacking chairs

Wooden finish is also present in HAMMOK chair family. It has a plywood board shell made of 10 mm thick beech layers. For its part, wood is present in the shell and/or the legs of SLAM Chair family, depending on the type of chair.

Upholstered stacking chair (padded)

Upholstery is an option that we offer in all our stackable chairs, so that we achieve a much more personalized finish in order to adapt it to the space to be equipped.

Accessories for the best stackable chair

Undoubtedly, our most stackable chair is MASS Chair, with a stacking space of 18 mm between chairs, managing to stack up to 40 chairs on a trolley in 1.70 m height. A seating that can also incorporate a range of accessories to turn into the best stacking chair.

Anti-panic Writing Tablet

One of those accessories is the writing tablet that can be put on and removed at any time without tools. It is anti-panic because once is placed in vertical position it falls by its own weight and it is placed in its original position, allowing people to move comfortably by the rows.

Trolley for stacking chairs

In order to stack a higher number of chairs, MASS has a trolley for stackable chairs that also allows an easy transportation. 

Numbering for stackable chairs

Another accessory to highlight is its seat and row numbering system. It is easy to assemble and disassemble, very useful in case of numbered rooms.

Linking device

Finally, the linking device allows joining chairs to keep the same space among them, achieving a homogeneous and ordered ensemble.

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