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LA LITERAL Beds, comfort and space optimization

04.06.2024 | Product

LA LITERAL Folding Beds and Bunkbeds, designed by Lievore Altherr Molina for Sellex, offer a practical solution for optimizing space without sacrificing comfort. Unlike “sofa beds”, which fold the mattress, LA LITERAL beds fold down from the wall, maintaining the well-being of a traditional mattress. This makes them suitable for both adults and children, ensuring durability and ease of use while maximizing room functionality.

Hospitality installations benefit significantly from LA LITERAL’s versatility, allowing smaller rooms to accommodate more guests easily. Luxury hotels and casual hostels alike find LA LITERAL an excellent addition, enhancing room occupancy while maintaining a stylish and integrated design.

LA LITERAL stands out not only in tourist accommodations but also in hospital rooms, providing a comfortable sleeping solution for family members who need to stay close to patients. This ensures that loved ones have the rest they need to support patients.

Safety is paramount with LA LITERAL. The beds include closing locks to prevent accidental opening and safety locks to prevent the bed from closing when the person lies on the end closest to the wall. This attention to detail ensures peace of mind and rest.

We invite you to watch the video showing the functionalities of LA LITERAL, as well as its seamless integration into various spaces and its practical advantages. Click here to watch it now.

Sellex remains committed to providing honest design furniture solutions that meet the evolving needs of today's architectural and interior design professionals though smart solutions and timeless design. The LA LITERAL Folding Beds exemplifies this philosophy.

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