Funeral Home Seating

Funeral Home Seating has special requirements. Each area of the Funeral Home has its own needs. At SELLEX, we have developed specific Funeral Home benches answering to the particular needs of this type of spaces.

Funeral Home Benches

Funeral Homes have been adapting to the new circumstances of the society so that any person could pay homage to their deceased, regardless of their beliefs. Nowadays they are spaces prepared to host all type ceremonies and Funeral Home benches should be neutral enough to adapt to any ritual.

The best benches for Funeral Homes

The seating benches aimed for Funeral Homes have some special requirements:

- The aesthetic of the Funeral seating bench for a Funeral Home has to adapt to the environment's design, taking into consideration that depending on the believes of each user, the decoration may vary. Thus, the bench must be able to "merge" with the different spaces, blending in somehow with the space...

- The bench of the Funeral Seating Areas must be comfortable and available in different finishes: Wood, Polyurethane, Upholstery, Aluminium…

In some cases, the Prayer stool is a necessary accessory in a Funeral Home bench. It is not indispensable because not all the celebrations require it, but in some spaces it is convenient for those person who want to kneel.

Funeral Seating

Benches for churches and chapels

In order to choose bench for churches or a bench for chapels, it is indispensable to distinguish the different spaces where they are needed. It is not the same a church, as an installation by itself, or a multi-confessional chapel that can be part of a Funeral Home or even a hospital or an airport. Therefore, church seats must be able to integrate into the space.

Church seating evolution

In antiquity the masses were said standing and, therefore, worship spaces had no chairs for churches. It was in the XIIIth century when church seats started to be seen, but they were very simple seats manufactured in stone that did not even have backrest and therefore, were placed by the wall. It was not until XV th century that first wooden benches appeared and little by little the need of designing benches for churches and chapels. They were seating designed specifically for religious spaces.

Church and chapel seats have greatly evolved since then. Now the church benches have Prayer stool as indispensable accessory; they can be upholstered and have different finishes; they are comfortable and most importantly, they are able to adapt to each space.

Funeral home benches

Church seating and church bench design

Some of the seating and benches developed by SELLEX, meet the requirements of this type of spaces (Funeral Homes, crematoriums, churches and chapels) and have the required features by designers and users.

Among the chapel bench proposals of SELLEX, we believe that VACANTE Bench (designed by Enric Miralles) is the bench that best adapts to this use for several reasons:

- The aesthetics of VACANTE Bench remembers, in some of its versions, the traditional wooden church bench with a modernity touch.

- It offers the possibility of including prayer stool in all the rows.

- Absolute modularity, being able to use chapel bench compositions from 2 seaters to the desired number.

- Different seat shells (both in depth and inclination) that allow a comfortable use by the user as church bench.

The AERO Bench designed by Lievore Altherr Molina for SELLEX is another of our options as church seating:

- Thanks to its aesthetics it fits in different spaces.

- It has different types of finishes.

- A very wide modularity, being able to use bench compositions from 2 to 7 seaters in a single piece.

BACK Modular Seating, designed by Burkhard Vögtherr,is a reinterpretation of the traditional bench of chapels and churches.

- BACK Modular Seating aesthetics is very suitable for this type of space.

- It offers different wood finishes, as well as the possibility to have upholstered seater or the front of the bench.

- It has different lengths that joined together, they are able to meet all the needs in seater number.

In addition to AERO, VACANTE and BACK Modular Seating, at SELLEX we have other seating and benches that can be used in this type of facility destined to religious worship. LASAI and SUMA Benches are some of them that can be perfectly used as benches for churches.