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A Funeral Home on the slopes of Montserrat

18.01.2023 | Funeral Homes

From the most sophisticated cities to the humblest towns, they cannot ignore the presence of the mountains that are inserted into their landscape. Beyond being a point of reference and even complicating the growth of certain cities, in some cases they acquire a character of great spiritual charge.

This is precisely the case of Montserrat, a rocky massif located in Catalonia (Spain), and which can be seen from the Pomfusa Funeral Home in Esparraguera. People who come to say goodbye and pay homage to a loved one can appreciate the serrated profile of this imposing mountain.

The Funeral Home has extensive facilities distributed over two floors, which include three wake rooms, two crematory ovens and an oratory to hold secular or religious ceremonies with a capacity for 100 people. It also has offices, a funeral goods shop, rest areas and a cafeteria. The second floor, with a more technical approach, houses the gas filtering systems and the use of thermal energy. Parking for users is located outside.

Vacante Bench in the  Pomfusa Esparraguera Funeral Home
Vacante Bench in the Pomfusa Esparraguera Funeral Home


The VACANTE Bench, designed by Enric Miralles for Sellex, equips the oratory. For this, 20 units of 4 and 6 seats in Oak finish were chosen. A most successful combination, since oak provides a functional and aesthetic warmth that goes in line with the wood-slatted wall. The SLAM Pyramidal Chair with 3D Wood shell is also present in the oratory as a support seating for the ceremony.

Perhaps because of its line that is reminiscent of the traditional wooden church bench, because of its modularity from 2 seaters to as many as desired, or for both reasons; it is not the first time that VACANTE has acquired the function of seating for funeral homes and wakes. At Sellex we hope that this honest design furniture piece continues to equip many more.


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