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A “room of one's own” for Virgina Woolf in the Library of Chiclana

12.07.2023 | Education

What Virgina Woolf intended with one of her best known literary works was a declaration of intent. 'A Room of One's Own' defends the idea that a woman should have her economic and social independence, enough to have her own space in which to create art. And all the art Woolf created deserved just that, a room of her own, like the one given to her by the García Gutiérrez Public Library of Chiclana in Cádiz (Spain).

The space, which bears the name of the English writer, contains not only her works but also many other novels, essays and other literary texts that highlight the role of women. For this reason, the colour could not be other than purple, which can be seen both on the walls and in the upholstery.

This room of about 20 m2 has been designed in collaboration with the Women's Delegation and is conceived as 'a space that was created to give visibility to the vast literary legacy that women have left and continue to leave, as well as to become a meeting point for the development of activities and projects,' says the head of the Library.

Library Furniture
Furniture by Sellex in the Virginia Woolf Room of the Public Library of Chiclana


Our furniture for libraries equips this very special 'room' which is divided into two different areas: one for reading and/or consultation and another for relaxation, with a screen for colloquiums and chats.

In the first of these, the JAKIN Shelving System, designed by Abad for Sellex, has been installed, as well as the LORCA Office Table (also by Abad) and several SLAM Chairs (Lievore Altherr Molina) as library seating. The other area has been equipped with the MIX Occasional Table (O.T.S) and the BACK Lounge with Cross Leg (Burkhard Vogtherr).

Library chairs
Resting area in the Virginia Woolf Room of the Library García Gutiérrez


The library has informed us that the choice was the right one, as the quality of all the pieces of library furniture has met their expectations, which we at Sellex are delighted about.

And so many other halls

The Virginia Woolf room is not the only one. The Public Library of Chiclana hides a total of 5 spaces to which we must add the jewel in the crown, a central courtyard where a multitude of cultural events are held: book presentations, storytelling, meetings with authors, exhibitions, conferences, round tables or craft activities, among others.

The activities programmed are almost always related to the literary universe, whether with books, authors or readers. In general, they are events that contribute to promoting and encouraging reading.  Undoubtedly, the García Gutiérrez Library does important work.

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