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Sellex is aware of the relevance of quality as a factor in the concurrency and surviving of the Company. Hence its adequency as per the following points which will be registered by its quality policy.

Quality, together with Design and Sustainability form the essence of our products

  1. Quality must be understand as the execution of an efficient and mistakes free work by everyone of the members of the Organization. The offered services will meet with the established method and will satisfy the customer requirements.
  2. The implemented 'Quality system' will meet with the requirements of the standard UNE-EN ISO 9001:2015.
  3. The Management commitment for the continuous improvement of the 'Quality system' efficiency.
  4. In principle, the Management is responsible of the quality improvement, however all the staff should be involved in this task, according to his possibilities.
  5. Quality improvement will be planned in a systematic way by fixing objectives and quality annual targets.
  6. This policy is at the disposal of anyone.

A good knowledge and understanding of this 'Quality Policy' by all the employees will ensure part of its success. The data on the progress of this policy will be a permanent subject in the revisions of the 'Quality policy'

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