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FAST Table in Senzoku Gakuen classrooms in Kawasaki

24.07.2019 | Education


The Senzoku Gakuen educational complex, located in the Japanese city of Kawasaki, equips some of its classrooms with FAST Table, designed by Carlos Tíscar for Sellex. It is a folding table system very appropriate for an educational centre like this, where it is necessary to optimize the space with polyvalent tables that can be easily assembled and disassembled depending on the needs of the moment.

In particular 55 FAST Table in white colour have been used and tables of round format (1.400 mm diameter) have been combined with square format (1800 x 800 mm) tables.

Senzoku Gakuen is a private educational institution that includes different schools: primary, secondary, kindergarten... but above all the music school stands out: a singular building called Silver Mountain that hosts the rehearsal rooms, and a red rectangular tower, Red Cliff, were offices are located.

The Project is an architectural work of Kunihide Oshinomi of K/O Design studio, who claims that 'both buildings are designed according to the functional needs of the school'.

The exterior of Silver Mountain is coated in stainless steel plates. Inside, the curve walls create a lobby that gives access to a rehearsal room contained in the concrete central core. The rest of the rehearsal rooms are located in the basement and in the first floor and have concrete waved walls that improve their acoustic properties.

For its part, on the ground floor of Red Cliff there is a room for teachers that is placed next to a student rest area. The rest of the floors of the tower host offices.

Senzoku Gakuen School, FAST Table
FAST Table in the educational complex of Senzoku Gakuen.


FAST, a multipurpose table

FAST Table offers the possibility of creating multiple table configurations with a minimum stock: a frame and several tops of different formats and dimensions.

The frame is composed by two Steel structures, with two adjusters, which are joined by a kneecap to facilitate the movement of the legs in different positions. In this way, it is possible to work with tops of different shapes and dimensions and create different table options.

The FAST folding table system is very demanded in facilities that organize all type events; seminars, conferences and even banquets. For example, many hotels choose FAST Table to equip their multi-purpose rooms, where a seminar holds in the morning and a banquet in the night.

One of the advantages of FAST Table is its easy assembly system without tools. Moreover it has a stacking and transport trolley for all the pieces of the system.

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