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Airport seating

The airport seating have special requirements, since there are different spaces in the airport terminals, such as the commercial area of the terminal, waiting areas of the airport ... with different needs in each case. In Sellex we have developed airport seats and specific chairs for each terminal area. DOWNLOAD INSTALLATIONS

Airport seating

The airports are showcases of the big cities. They are the first thing that a traveller sees when arriving in a city. Therefore, the traveller will remember the building of airport terminal and also its furniture, especially the airport bench seating.

The airport seats must have a clear objective. As the passengers stay can be longer than expected, airport seats must make their stay as pleasant as possible. In this sense, the choice of materials is key to making airport benches and chairs comfortable and robust, able to withstand the passage of thousands and thousands travellers who everyday use these airport seats. Chairs, benches and even stools must equip the different areas of an airport, each one with its needs and requirements. The waiting areas of the terminals are the most common ones, but also the airport commercial areas must have rest areas and, therefore, their own seats. The same applies to cafeterias, bars and other leisure and relax areas at the airport. Even some areas outside the airport may require seats for rest: access area to the terminal or terraces in the interior.

Airport bench seating

At Sellex we have airport bench seats that adjust to each area and above all, that are integrated into the space.

The best choice that integrates functionality and design

The choice of airport furniture should be very thoughtful. It is a facility where passengers spend a lot of time. The long waits at the airports can be very tiresome and Sellex is there to avoid it, to make the stay at the airport pleasant. This is achieved with comfortable seats that make the terminal users feel like they were in their own home.

The airport seating chairs should integrate functionality and design. We can't only focus on a seat design that fits the airport architecture, nor only think about being a functional seat. An airport seating must be a whole, it has to sum functionality and design.

The airport terminal, in general, has been designed by a prestigious architecture studio. They have done an impressive job and they have chosen carefully the airport furniture. That's why it is really important that the airport benches are adapted to the architect idea, as they are going to be an important part of the image perceived by the traveller.

In this sense, the waiting chairs and airport benches offered by Sellex are ideals for the airport terminal seating areas due to their exceptional design.

We manufacture airport seats that are integrated into the space and, at the same time, fill its needs.

Our AERO Bench is an example of this. It is based on grooved aluminium profiles that are projected on the plane as the wing of an airplane. Its design fits perfectly as an airport seat, and thanks to the hardness of its materials it is strong enough to be placed in waiting areas of an airport, both indoors and outdoors.

Features of an airport seating or chair

All airport seating or chairs of Sellex share two features, comfort and safety.

  1. The comfort of the traveller, our premise

    The number of airport users is increasing, but their waiting time also increases. The VIP waiting rooms are designed to achieve the maximum comfort of some passengers, but we can't forget the rest of travellers who use the airport facilities. Comfort should be a privilege of all and not only a privilege of few people. This is our starting point when designing airport seats.
  2. Safety, other important pillar

    Safety is another aspect that we have in mind when manufacturing our benches and chairs for airport waiting areas. All of our terminal seats are fire resistant, a standard required in this type of facility.

Seats for airport waiting areas

Sellex offers a wide range of seats (chairs and benches) to equip all of the airport waiting areas.

The best choice for your airport

Every airport bench and chair that we offer in Sellex has very concrete features that make it a specific seat for each airport area.

Resistants and confortables
The AERO Bench, the BILDU Bench and other Sellex products are recognized as one of the best options to be used in airport waiting areas. The manufacturing materials (aluminium and stainless steel) make resistance one of its greatest virtues. They are perfect seats to prepare any airport waiting area, both indoor and outdoor.
To make them more comfortable, we have versions of AERO and BILDU Benches with upholstered polyurethane pads. This is the bench model most demanded by airports to cover their waiting areas inside the terminals.

High stools

High stools are also part of airport furniture. High stools were usually placed in bars and restaurants, but nowadays they are also the perfect seats for airport waiting areas. The aim is to create a comfortable and informal environment for passengers who, after being sat for hours, appreciate resting by stretching their legs. Our SET Stool Program offers that possibility.

New tendencies

There are more and more airports that want new style in their waiting and rest areas. An example of this is the SLAM Bench, a modern design that maintains the basic necessary features, functionality and resistance. On the other hand, the BACK Modular Seating design, that offers multiple seating configurations, is a good option when equipping the airport waiting area. The wood and upholstery of this modular system provide comfort and warmth to passengers.

If you want to know more about our airport chairs and waiting benches, or about the projects where our products have been used as airport terminal seats, please see the examples below.

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