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Lounge seatings for airports

29.08.2018 | Airports

The first plane was created by Clément Ader in 1980, getting to fly hardly 50 meters.  Planes have evolved enormously since then. Needless to say that  it has been an important  step forward  for the human being, making possible to travel thousands of kilometers away without even notice it. The disadvantage however is the long waiting at airports. Either the flight is delayed or not, most of passengers spend plenty of time at the airports.

One of our purposes  is to try to make this unavoidable waiting time more pleasant. How? By designing and producing airport benches which are comfortable and strong.

Through an airport, as well as any other passenger terminal, railway or bus station, there are plenty of people  moving  through daily and will make use of the lounge areas. Thus, the importance of furnishing these zones properly with seatings that are made of aluminium and stainless Steel.

In this sense, AERO and VACANTE Benches are the most popular models requested in airports, thanks to its proved strength and optional versions with polyurethane pads which are highly appreciated in airports. These seatings  meet with fire retardant standards required by this kind of facilities.

 AERO Bench in Copenhagen airport.
Copenhagen airport, AERO Aluminium Bench.


European Airports like Arlanda in Sweden, Charante in France or Friuli Venezia Giulia in Italy have counted on AERO and VACANTE benches. As well as other places overseas such as Tokyo, Atlanta, Oregon, Dubai, and so on...

New trends in airport seatings

In addition to the mentioned AERO and VACANTE models, more and more airports are innovating and introducing new styles, always looking for strength, design  and comfort. Thus, our SLAM Beam Seating is being well considered to equip  these spaces at passenger terminals,  thanks to its unique design and materials: aluminium for the frame and a large range of combinations and colours (polypropylene or wood combining with upholsteries).

Last but not least, one of our latest launched designs, BACK Modular Seating, will give something to talk about in the short run, as airport seating. Its peculiar design and versatility make it suitable to fit into this new trend. It can be multi-combined providing comfort and warmness based on wood and upholstery. It won't strike us if we soon see this modular bench of the thousand and one shapes furnishing the airports lounge spaces.

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