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Folding beds and bunk beds

Folding beds and bunk beds are the perfect solution to optimize the space of any bedroom. The most common is to find this type of furniture in youth or children's rooms, but there are also folding beds and bunk beds for adults and even folding double beds since any room, due to its structure or dimensions, may require this practical furniture solution. In fact, it is often the tourist accommodation that has folding beds and bunk beds, from the most luxurious hotels to the most modest ones.


Differences between “sofa bed” and hidden bunk bed

Before explaining the virtues of having hidden beds and bunk beds in a bedroom, it is worth clarifying the differences between “sofa beds” and folding beds (or wall beds), as they are not the same. We call “sofa bed” to the one whose mattress folds when not in use, while folding beds or bunk beds, as their name suggests, fold down.

In Sellex all our beds and bunk beds are folding and are tied to the wall, in this way, when the bed is opened, the traction or force is exerted on the wall. In this sense, LA LITERAL does not have a support leg when it is open, so the floor does not suffer.

The fact of being a folding bed, makes it much more comfortable since the mattress does not fold, as if it were a fixed bed.

Hence, hidden beds and bunk beds can be used by anyone, children and adults, because they are very resistant.

In our case, we include a closing lock on the folding beds and bunk beds to prevent the bed from opening when it is folded up, and another safety lock to guarantee that the bed stays open even if the person lies down on the end closest to the wall. So it will never close with a person inside.

Beds and bunk beds folding to the wall

Folding bunk beds fixed or tied to the wall solve the problem of lack of space in all types of facilities. Not only those aimed at communities, such as colleges, university residences, hostels or hotels. They also provide space solutions at home, because they combine comfort with the maximum use of the room, offering an unbeatable solution for those spaces that need to have an additional utility to rest. In addition, the folding beds and bunk beds are so integrated into the space that they look like built-in bunk beds in the wall. That’s why they are also called hidden beds and bunk beds.

Keep in mind that the bunk beds that are folding (whether single, bunk bed or double bed) take up very little space when they are not being used. In the case of LA LITERAL by Sellex, designed by Lievore Altherr Molina, this space is only 38 centimetres. The horizontal folding beds and bunk beds that are hidden behind those 38 cm reveal an element of designer furniture that simulates being a chest of drawers or a wardrobe and aesthetically adds style to the room, also being available in different colour tones.

In addition to a wide range of wood finishes, the boards can be red, green, grey, white or black. And in many cases they can even be personalized.

Organization of spaces with murphy bunk beds

When choosing the type of bed or bunk bed, it is convenient to know the use we want to give to the room. If it goes beyond simple rest and the room will also be used for study, work, reading, games... or even as a living room, it is better to equip it with folding beds or bunk beds. Buying a horizontal or vertical murphy bed or bunk bed will allow us to organize the space of the room in the most optimal way and make the most of it. By having one or two murphy beds that we can fold down horizontally and vertically, we will leave a lot of free space. A horizontal murphy bed or bunk bed thus becomes the perfect solution for small bedrooms.

  • Hidden bunk beds for children

    Many are the families that decide to buy folding bunk beds for the bedrooms of their sons and daughters. Children's rooms are undoubtedly the ones that take the most advantage of folding bunk beds, because their 'small occupants' need the space of the room for other activities. They are at an age in which play and entertainment prevail, and thanks to the folding children's bunk beds, the bedroom is optimized so much that they can have a large leisure area. Not to mention how much the little ones in the house love to sleep in a folding top bunk bed. That is why rooms with folding bunk beds are an adventure for them.

    However, bedrooms with folding bunk beds are not exclusive for children. For a teenager it can also be very useful to have more space to study and do their homework, so youth folding bunk beds are a perfect solution for them.

  • Murphy bunk beds in hotels and hostels

    The programs of folding beds and bunk beds that we have at Sellex are also designed to equip hotels and hostels. Thanks to LA LITERAL, any tourist accommodation, whatever its characteristics and regardless of its type of client, will be able to have a higher occupancy of the rooms, being able to convert smaller spaces into triple, quadruple, quintuple rooms, etc.

    In the case of youth hostels, where the use of space is especially important, it is possible to have rooms for up to 12 people in spaces of 24 m2.

    Thanks to the variety of dimensions and styles that we offer, we can find LA LITERAL in luxury hotel chains such as Petit Palace (3 and 5 star hotels in Spanish cities such as Madrid, Malaga, Barcelona, Seville, Valencia, etc.), but also in more informal youth hostels such as the Dan Hostel in Copenhagen (Denmark) or the Ulía Hostel in Donostia-San Sebastián (Spain), among others. After all, the needs of youth hostels are the same as those of hotels, but with a more casual and youthful atmosphere. And LA LITERAL has the ability to adapt to any environment because, in addition to a practical furniture solution, it offers design.

    Another characteristic of LA LITERAL is its versatility, which allows it to be used by any type of client. Single folding beds for guests traveling alone, double folding beds for couples, or the traditional folding bunk beds, very useful for families and groups.
    The combination of all these bunk beds with a folding bed is what allows you to play with the number of places in the rooms of a hotel or hostel.

  • Folding bunk beds with desk

    Another advantage offered by folding bunk beds for small rooms is the possibility of taking advantage of the space that remains under the bed. In this case, instead of having two folding beds, we will have a single folding bed on top to which a study table is added.

    A folding bunk bed with a desk is perfect in youth bedrooms where a study area is usually necessary. With this system, what is achieved is to combine the utilities of the bed and the study table in a single space, with which the use of the room is maximum.

    The same thing happens to university residences, they need space for students to organize themselves, that's why a horizontal folding bunk bed with a desk can be a fundamental ally.

    To cover the need for this type of space, at Sellex we have LA LITERAL STUDIO, a bunk bed with a folding bed and a desk, in which both elements share space.

Advantages of horizontal and vertical folding bunk beds

The horizontal and vertical folding bunk beds are the ones that allow a better use of the bedroom since when they are closed, they hardly move from the wall to which they are attached. Hence, they are ideal for long and narrow rooms, since they hardly take up space.

In addition, as we have been seeing, the horizontal and vertical folding bunk beds do not depend on age or vital moments. Sellex folding beds and bunk beds are resistant and therefore capable of supporting the weight of an adult, making them suitable for anyone.

A whole range of possibilities to equip your bedroom with a folding bed or bunk bed.

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