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LA LITERAL equips Panorama Jindabyne Hotel

11.06.2019 | Hospitality

Lake Jindabyne, located in Australia  south-east, arose as a consequence of the construction of Jindabyne Dam in 1967. 72 metres high, 335 metres long of a capacity of 688,227 mega litres at 100% level; it was constructed by a consortia of Utah-Brown and Sudamericana based on engineering plans developed under contract by the Snowy Mountains Hydroelectric Authority.

The dam's main purpose is for the generation of hydro-power and is one of the sixteen major dams that comprise the Snowy Mountains Scheme. It is a vast hydroelectricity and irrigation complex constructed in south-east Australia between 1949 and 1974, run by Snowy Hydro.

Unforgettable views all year long

The views created by Jindabyne Lake and the near Snowy Mountains are an appeal for tourists in general and skiing lovers in particular. Not for nothing, Kosciuszko National Park, very close to Jindabyne, offers several ski resorts to this winter sport enthusiasts.

Aware of the touristic interest of the area, Panorama Jindabyne Hotel opened its doors in 1985. The hotel is celebrated for its eclectic mix of traditional and modern design, snowy mountain brick style and contemporary furniture.


Bunk Beds LA LITERAL equips Panorama Jindabyne Hotel
Bunk Beds LA LITERAL equips Panorama Jindabyne Hotel


In order to offer a comfortable, relaxing and unforgettable stay, the owners of Panorama Jindabyne Hotel have trusted Bunk Beds LA LITERAL to equip their rooms. Inside the range that this Lievore Altherr Molina design offers, they have chosen the folding bunk bed and studio folding bunkbed. There are many hotels, hostels and student residences that have chosen LA LITERAL. As it is space saving when folded, it offers a great versatility and flexibility, and therefore, it is a good option to take into account when choosing hotel furniture.

For Sellex it is a pleasure to have equipped this charming hotel located in our antipodes.

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