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Education seating

In any educational facility, the seat is the most important piece of furniture. It is where people are going to spend more time studying or doing their learning tasks. When we talk about educational facilities, we are not only referring to schools, universities and other training centres. The education seating in libraries, museums or cultural centres that have different work and study spaces will also be necessary.


Classroom seating

Students, whatever their age, spend many hours sitting in class. For this reason, as is the case with office furniture, classroom seating must be ergonomic and comfortable seats that help students maintain a correct posture while they carry out their study tasks in the classroom.

Likewise, when choosing seats for classrooms, the age of the students who are going to use these chairs or stools must be taken into account. Educational centres must choose school furniture adapted to each age. This will help the students themselves to sit with an upright and aligned posture.

Classroom chairs

There are many types of chairs for classrooms depending on the use that we are going to give them. Everything will depend on the type of classroom that we are going to equip, the age of the students, the dimensions of the space, etc. As we will see, there will be many factors to consider before finding the right classroom chair. Even in some cases we will see that it will be necessary to incorporate an accessory, such as writing tablets.

What is clear is that we must always choose quality and resistant materials so that the classroom chairs can withstand the daily use that this type of furniture will be given. That is why at Sellex we always work with the best materials, so that our chairs are robust.

Classroom stools

Workspaces in educational centres have been evolving and there are many classrooms that opt for a more innovative structure away from the conventional configuration of a master class, in which the students sit in front of the teacher.

The collaborative study is a new concept that modifies the space. This is where classroom stools play a decisive role, because they create the ideal conditions for group learning.

The HANDY Stool, designed by Stephen Philips (Arup) for Sellex, is perfect for this type of interaction between students. HANDY is much more than a stool as it offers the possibility of even being used as a side table. It takes up little space, is very light and easy to move from one place to another. In addition, it has a hole in the lower part to be able to store any study utensil (a backpack, a bag, folders...) and in this way they do not bother. It is perfect for group work!

The Stools of SET family by Mario Ruiz also fits within this idea of collaborative study. In this case, we have different heights available, making it a perfect collection for classrooms where the tables are higher, for example in laboratories.

Comfortable flexible seats adapted to all educational needs

As we have already mentioned, ergonomics and comfort are characteristics that cannot be missing in education seating, but there are many aspects that we must take into account when choosing the right furniture for each space. The chairs in a primary class will not be the same as those that may be needed in a training classroom for teamwork. Nor will the stools in a laboratory have anything to do with the seats in the reading area of a library.

Before we saw that age can be a determining factor when looking for comfortable seats that fit the needs of each classroom. And so it is. In lower courses, for example, we will look for resistant seats and cheerful designs, while in higher courses the designs may be somewhat more sober, although just as robust.

Chairs with desk arm

Sometimes, due to the conditions of the classroom, it is necessary to incorporate writing tablets to the chairs. In this way, by dispensing with the tables, we will be able to take advantage of the space much more, especially if it is a class of small dimensions. These types of chairs with tablets are also very practical in multipurpose classrooms where there are not always the same number of students. This makes it much easier to move chairs that are not being used at the time, without having to move tables as well.

At Sellex we have several models that allow you to incorporate tablets as an accessory. This is the case of the SLAM Chair, SLAM Basic Chair or the MASS Chair, to which the writing tablet can be attached at any time, without the need for tools. The writing tablet available for both models is anti-panic, which means that with a light tap the writing tablet returns to its original position to facilitate passage. And of course we have tablets for both right-handed and left-handed.

Seating chair with arms

In educational facilities, it is not all about sitting at a desk to study or meeting at a table to work as a group. There are also educational moments in which we will continue to learn, but in a more relaxed way. Perhaps a talk in a cultural centre, a reading moment in a library or any cultural event in which we do not necessarily have to be in an attitude of study.

In these cases, the seat we are looking for is an armchair with arms. An ergonomic seat in which we allow ourselves the luxury of being more relaxed. The HAMMOK Lounge Chair designed by Burkhard Vogtherr for Sellex is undoubtedly the best invitation to relaxed reading. It has a soft and ergonomic frame that provides flexibility to the seat, with a pleasant rocking effect when sitting. HAMMOK is a collection of seats with different versions of chairs, but the lounge chair is perhaps somewhat more comfortable because it has a wider shell and has armrests.

Stacking student chairs

Another feature that is often sought in student chairs is that they are stackable. The fact of being able to stack the chairs to study allows us to optimize the space of the classroom. In schools, universities or training centres, the layout of a classroom can vary, because it does not always host the same class or because on some occasions it can be used to hold a talk or a debate table. For this reason, stackable chairs for students are highly demanded in this type of facility.

The same happens in cultural centres, libraries or museums with multipurpose rooms in which different events are organized. Here the layout of the furniture can also vary and stackable chairs are very useful.

The SLAM Chair and the MASS Chair have this virtue, and can be stacked on the ground up to 8 or 20 units respectively. In the case of MASS, it can be stacked up to 40 units on a trolley.

The HANDY Stool is another of our stackable study seats, which can be stacked up to 20 units on the floor, which is why it is frequently used in multifunctional classrooms.

Functional and dynamic seats adapted to educational furniture

The education furniture is not something exclusive to schools and universities. We can find training rooms and study rooms in other educational and cultural facilities: museums, libraries, bookstores, cultural centres, video libraries... And all of them will need to be equipped with functional and dynamic seating adapted to the requirements of each space.

Seating for classrooms

The first space we think of when talking about educational facilities is undoubtedly the classroom of a school. Here the chairs are necessary to listen to the teacher and carry out the appropriate learning tasks, both in groups and individually.

College seating chairs

In the universities the needs are expanded. In addition to the chairs for the classrooms, seating may be required for other work spaces: chairs for a video library, multipurpose room seating,  reading areas seating... In addition, the students who prepare their future there must feel connected with the space, which is why college seating should help create a dynamic and comfortable environment where collaborative study flows.

Library chairs

Libraries may have plenty of learning spaces to equip with library chairs. To the typical study areas, we add classrooms for events, reading areas, group work spaces... Even the corridors can become informal areas in which to continue learning.

Chairs for multipurpose areas in museums

In museums we not only admire works of art. Learning is constant in the way of workshops, talks and courses that take place in multipurpose rooms. And to continue learning, chairs for multipurpose spaces will be necessary.

Seatings for cultural events

Cultural events are already a regular trend in educational facilities. The agendas of museums, libraries or cultural centres are usually full of events: talks, conferences, visits of writers or artists who exhibit their work... Seating that dress these cultural events should also be considered.

At Sellex we offer you chairs, stools and armchairs to equip any educational and cultural facility, adapting to the demands and needs of each case.

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