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MBO College Airport: Training airport staff

06.05.2022 | Education

If there is someone who knows the airport and tourism sector well, it is the MBO College Airport training centre in Hoofddorp, whose history dates back to 1936 with one of the first aviation schools in the Netherlands. Currently, MBO College Airport is the main training centre specialized in airport services, where hundreds of students prepare for the different professions that can be developed in an airport: flight attendant, aircraft maintenance, airport security, logistics, etc.

Its location, how could it be otherwise, is very close to Amsterdam's Schiphol Airport, one of the largest in the world. In fact, since 2019, MBO College Airport has its own counter at the Dutch airport (Departure Hall 3). This makes the school more accessible for companies at Schiphol, as well as for students who do their internships there every day in front of or behind customs.

The main building has conference rooms and many other spaces for practical activities: booths, counters, boarding gates, etc. But one of the most outstanding spaces is the Airport Lounge, inaugurated in 2022, with which it is intended to take the concept of practical training to its maximum exponent, creating an innovative space for simulating an airport and a hotel lounge.

Airport Lounge is a hybrid learning environment. This means that students from different programs can learn here from each other and with companies. The goal is to provide good practical lessons for the Travel & Hotels, Flight Attendants, and Airport Facility Services programs.

SET Stool in Airport Lounge

This innovative space has been equipped with the SET Stool designed by Mario Ruiz for Sellex, a collection chosen by interior designer Heleen Eilers of buroDesk because 'she was looking for a combination of elegant furniture'. The SET program of stools for collaborative work spaces has different models and heights. Specifically, the one that has been chosen for this installation has been the 76 cm high sled base SET, with a black frame and shell in different finishes: oak wood and polypropylene in camel, musgo and anthracite colours.

The Set Stool at the MBO College Airport training centre
(Photography: Melanie Samat)


Our SET Stools are located in two different areas of the Airport Lounge. The first of the spaces is a room with a TV and sliding walls that provide flexibility to the space. In this case, stools with polypropylene shells have been used which, together with high tables, achieve an environment that favours interaction and collaboration.

In the other area, the SET Stools are located on a counter that overlooks a glass window, from where you can see a spacious interior patio bathed in natural light. For this second room, wooden shells with seats upholstered in two different fabrics have been used, in keeping with the elegance of the space. It is the magic of the finishes, which can provide a totally different character to the same product depending on the message that you want to transmit from each installation. That is something that we take into account at Sellex with all our designs, always trying to offer different options that fit the needs of each client.

  • Project: MBO College Airport
  • Client: ROC Amsterdam
  • Interior Architecture: buroDesk, Heleen Eilers


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