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Stools and stackable stools

Traditionally, when equipping a facility with seats, chairs and benches were taken in consideration, whereas stools where the forgotten ones. It has been ages since it changed and, at this moment, stackable stools not only are in fashion but also they have the place that they deserve in decoration and furniture design world.

Stool design

The design stools in all of its formats in addition to be decorative elements, they are versatile furniture that adapt easily to every room, especially if they are stackable stools. It doesn't matter if it is a round, circular or square stool, if its design allows to stack stools, we will optimize the room space.

On the other hand, although the term stool refers to a seat without arms and backrest, a lot of benches are presented as ergonomic stools with a small backrest that make them more comfortable.

Uses of our stacking stools

At Sellex we have a wide range of stools and stackable stools that can be used for a variety of purposes. The design of our stools can vary depending on the materials used, the finishes chosen and the format of the stool (high, low, with backrest, without backrest...). This makes Sellex stools suitable for all types of spaces and for all types of public. Let's take a look at some of the uses we can give to our stools.

  • Bar stools

    A space for leisure is inconceivable without a high stool. Although the hospitality industry no longer has the exclusive use of stools, it is true that these are seats that we have traditionally found in bars and restaurants. Bar stools now go beyond the bar and many restaurants offer their customers the possibility to sit and eat on a high stool in front of a high table.
    Other areas such as airport and station lounges also need stools in their leisure areas to make waiting in passenger terminals more comfortable, enjoyable and informal.

  • Office stool

    Stools offer a comfortable and informal environment that sometimes is required in work spaces. That's why many companies increasingly equip their facilities with office stools. These seats usually occupy rest areas to have a coffee or work rooms to meet.
    The Handy Stool, for example, stands out for its easy use and lightness (3,3 kg), which allow to move from one side to the other depending on the needs of each moment. For example, if you need to work with a workmate, she could seat comfortably on this office stool and afterwards keep it stacked saving space.

  • Hotel stool

    Hotels are other space where stools have become important. Hotel stools help to give a more modern and casual look to the most classic hotels. In this way, in addition to use it as seat or auxiliary table, the stool can be key in the hotel decoration.

  • Child stool

    In children game spaces, kid stools shouldn't be missing. In this case, stackable stools are the best option: being low, they are easily reachable by the little ones and being stackable, they allow to pick up the room quickly, leaving enough space for children to play while seats are not used.

  • School stool

    Stools not only are suitable for work spaces, but also for study areas. The stool range that we offer in Sellex can be easily used as student stools. With or without backrest, learning stools can be very practical in schools, libraries, university lecture rooms, laboratories and so on.

Stool side table

We have already explained the stool versatility, not only because they adapt easily to any space, but also because of their infinite uses. Our stackable HANDY Stool is the multipurpose stool par excellence, because in addition to being used as a seat, it can be useful as an auxiliary table.

Other functionality of HANDY is given by the space under this multifunctional stool, allowing the user to take advantage the space to keep a handbag, a rucksack or any other bulk that we don't want disturbing on the floor and in this way we will have our belongings controlled. The main advantage of this auxiliary stool is as we have already mentioned, it can be stacked up to 20 units.

Our stool finishings

We use different materials for the manufacture of our stools: Wood, Steel and polypropylene. Besides, both SET and HANDY Stools have the option to be upholstered.

  1. Wooden stool

    Wood is present in some versions of SET Stool, both in the frame and in the shell. Specifically, oak wood is used for the shell, while the wood employed for the legs is varnished beech.
    For its part HANDY Stool offers the possibility of adding a Wooden Pad of oakwood, walnut and beechwood.
  2. Plastic stool (polypropylene)

    At Sellex we have plastic stools. We use polypropyle when manufacturing HANDY Stool, due to the durability that this material offers. Also SET Stools count with polypropylene, used for the shell of some of the variants.
  3. Metal stool

    We use steel in the frame of all SET Stools: painted steel rod for the Sled version, painted steel column for SET Central Leg and painted steel sheet for SET Floor Fixing.
  4. Upholstered stool

    Both SET Stools and HANDY Stools offer the option of being upholstered (in the case of HANDY the seat Pad and in the case of SET the seat). For that purpose, we count with a wide range of fabrics and colours to choose an upholstered stool that is appropriated for the design of the space where it will be placed.

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