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The SET Stool as an office seat in Marine Care

22.01.2021 | Offices

The Marine Care company has chosen the SET Stool, designed by Mario Ruiz, to equip its new central office and storage centre in Rotterdam (Netherlands).

Marine Care is a global supplier of cleaning and maintenance products for international shipping and offshore installations, and its new headquarters is now located in Botlek, between the Oude Maas and the A15 motorway.

The change has undoubtedly been for the better, both in square meters and in design, where there is a 'natural and fresh collaboration of materials and furniture.' This is how our collaborators from SV design brands, responsible for the project, define the project.

Office stools and collaborative work

Specifically, the model chosen for the new facilities has been the SET sled base Stool H76 cm and H65 cm and has been placed in those spaces where you can take a break or meet in a more informal way.

It is common to find high stools among the office furniture of many companies, precisely for that reason, because they offer a more comfortable environment in which work can be more relaxed and collaborative. It has been a long time since this type of seat ceased to be something exclusive to the hospitality industry, giving rise to many other uses of high stools, including this one, that of an office seat.

In addition, the SET Stool program presents a wide variety of structures, heights and shells in order to adjust to the requirements of each installation.

The SET Stool as an office seat in Marine Care
The SET Stool in Marine Care


An atypical building in an industrial area

The architecture studio HDK has taken care of this project that they called 'The Pearl of Botlek', for its 'atypical appearance in an extremely industrial and pragmatic environment'. In terms of work area, there is a great connection to the surrounding industry, but the difference is clear between the new headquarters building and the surrounding parcel facilities. The aesthetic aspect played a very determining role in this project, especially in the office area, a diaphanous space open to light.

In total there are 3 clearly differentiated areas in the building: the large warehouse, with a raised floor so that trucks can easily load and unload; the office area, where a very light and open work environment is created; and a hybrid area between the first two, which houses the research laboratory, changing rooms, an engineering space, the expedition area, etc.

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