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HANDY fosters collaborative learning at Entertainment Science Campus

15.03.2023 | Education

The HANDY Stool once again shows that it is a perfect piece of auxiliary furniture for equipping collaborative workspaces, and it does so in the atrium of the Entertainment Science Campus in Madrid, a place designed to promote creativity and collaborative learning.

This concept of collaborative learning, was very clear to Deardesign, the studio in charge of the interior design of the installation. The result could not be otherwise: a versatile and attractive space that facilitates interaction between teachers and students.

In the centre, a kind of open grandstand where all kinds of meetings can be held, from the most formal lectures to the most informal presentations, and with the possibility of adapting to different seating capacities thanks to its modular stage.

ºStool for auxiliary furniture
The HANDY Stool in the atrium of Entertainment Science Campus

Surrounding it are co-working areas with work tables and partition walls that allow visual and acoustic privacy. These workspaces have also been installed on the other floors to optimise performance and further enhance teamwork.

Ecodesign, our commitment

All this in a framework led by ecodesign and eco-responsibility, a methodology that Deardesign carries as commitment in all its projects. So says CEO and Creative Director Ignasi Llauradó, who tells us that they always propose sustainable or low-impact projects to their clients. And in this context, the studio chose the HANDY Stool for the University's multi-purpose atrium because it is 'coherent' with the rest of the eco-designed furniture.

'Above all, we liked it for being a mono-material stool, made of 100% recyclable polypropylene, as well as for its aesthetics, its resistance and its practical/flexible use', adds Llauradó.

One of the most outstanding features of HANDY is its multi-functionality, as it can be used not only as a seat but also as an auxiliary table. It also has a lower compartment for storing backpacks, bags or other belongings and it is a stackable stool up to 20 units.

ºStool 100% recycled and 100% recyclable
HANDY is made of 100% recyclable polypropylene

74 HANDY Stools
have been installed in two different finishes, Anthracite Grey and Musgo Green. All of these stools are environmentally friendly as they are ecodesigned and made from 100% recyclable materials.

All the furniture in the installation has been chosen according to ecodesign criteria and taking into account the 'cradle to cradle' certification, which aims to ensure that the end of a product means the beginning of a new production, and does not generate any waste. It is certainly an environment that can boast of being sustainable.


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