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Sellex chairs, stools and lounge chairs in Pontificia Javeriana University in Bogota

27.03.2020 | Education

The Pontificia Javeriana University in Bogotá (Colombia) has equipped several of its faculties with a selection of Sellex seats. From now on the student body and the teaching staff of its Faculty of Engineering can be accommodated in the HANDY Stool (designed by Stephen Philips - Arup) or in one of the chosen SLAM Chairs, the Basic Chair or the High Chair (both models designed by Lievore Altherr Molina). For its part, the Faculty of Arts has chosen the BACK Lounge Chair, by Burkhard Vogtherr, to equip its facilities.

The architect Juan Pablo Ortiz was the winner of the competition called by the Pontificia to award the design of the new laboratory building of the Faculty of Engineering. The project presented by Ortiz proposes an atrium as the linking element between the existing faculty building and the new 8.500 square meter laboratory tower. This space has the highest technology for research and teaching.

For its part, the Faculty of Arts designed by the architect Ricardo La Rotta Caballero, is considered an iconic building within the contemporary Colombian architecture, for its ground-breaking and paradigmatic style.

Furniture for universities

Due to their design and functionality, all seats provided by Solinoff, our distributor in Colombia, fit perfectly in a teaching facility such as the Pontificia Javeriana University.

The HANDY Stool offers the comfortable and informal environment that is sometimes required in study areas or even in the rest areas within the university itself. Being lightweight, it can be easily moved from one side to another depending on the needs of each moment, it is stackable up to 20 units and the belongings (bags, rucksacks, folders, etc.) can be tucked in the space beneath the stool keeping the space tidy. Moreover, the HANDY Stool is so versatile that can be used as an auxiliary table.

Same versatility that SLAM Chair program offers. The different combinations of shells and frames that this system allows, makes each piece adaptable to each type of installation. The Basic Chairs and High Chairs SLAM can be the perfect cultural and study space seating.

 Sellex furniture in Javeriana University in Bogotá.
High Chairs SLAM in the Pontificia Javeriana University in Bogota.


For its part, having the low seating or lounge chairs a higher backrest inclination, they are more comfortable for reading or sitting in a meeting, for example. That's why BACK Lounge Chair is perfect for equipping some spaces in a university such as a library or a meeting room.

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