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Choosing furniture equipment for a museum

10.04.2015 | Education

When choosing furniture for a Museum , we have to bear in mind the particular features of it, as it is not the same a Science Museum than one of Art & Objects.

However, they both will have same requests in common which will be treated herein and will be of use when choosing the furniture for a museum.

The common areas are as follows:

  • Exhibition Room.
  • Conference Room.
  • Working Seminars.

1.- Exhibition Room.

As mentioned, depending on the kind of museum we are working on, the furniture requirements will be determined.

For example, if we talk about an Art Museum, we will not need shelving-units as most of the times the works will be hanging on the walls (so the case of paints pictures) or placed on pedestals.

But one thing that we will need for sure, it is the seating for visitors to sit down and calmly contemplate the works of art displayed. In this kind of areas, we need that seatings do not disturb the visitor's flow and the possibility to staring the works of art.

We will find a good example in AERO backless bench (designed by Lievore Altherr Molina ) which combines both requirements, one is the lightness and the other the backless version which enables the full view of the exhibition.


 Benches in the Exhibition room

AERO backless bench at Picasso's Museum

2.- Conference Room.

Besides the exhibition areas, Museums very often also have Conference Rooms where any eventual event can be held and it is necessary to count on the proper furniture equipment.

The furniture meant for the Conference Rooms should have the following features:

  • Functionality.
  • Aesthetic.
  • Easy maintenance.
  • Versatility.

It is not a n easy task to get that a same furniture product can gather all these features, but here you have some.

AERO Bench with folding writing tablet is a good example as it gathers is one product the possibility to have in the Conference room, a seating together with the writing tablet which is very often required in press conferences, teacher's lectures or master classes.


Benches in Conference Room

AERO Bench with folding writing tablet at Blau Museum

3.- Working Seminars.

Working seminars at the museums are zones mostly used by students, researchers or teachers.

The requirements for furniture are similar althoug it depends on the kind of event. In general, basic chairs without regulations and tables with possibility to adapt to different configurations, are needed.

In this case, FAST Table (designed by Carlos Tíscar ) accompanied by SLAM Chair (designed by Lievore Altherr Molina ) are an ideal tandem, as they enjoy a mutual aesthetic, ergonomic and versatility.

SLAM chair, in all available versions, allows to equip different environments in an installation keeping the same aesthetic which together with FAST Table, a product provided with the option to fit different tops into the same frame, garantee the required versatility in this kind of spaces.

Chairs and Tables in Classroom and Working Seminars

SLAM Chair and FAST Table at Gas Natural Museum

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