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High Law Court in Lorient (France) has chosen AERO Bench and AERO bench to tier for the lounge and waiting rooms

20.02.2015 | Palace of Justice

The Architecture Studio 'Mûrisserie Parent-Rachdi' has counted on AERO Bench (designed by Lievore Altherr Molina ) to equip the lounge and waiting rooms.

The project restoration of TGI in Lorient ( 2.000 m2 surface) represents an investment of roundabout 4 million Euros and has achieved unanimous approval by users and admirers of architectural spaces.

The studio of Parent-Rachdi has used the AERO Bench in a very smart way choosing the aluminium version for public lounge areas and the version to tier wall hanging in waiting and witnesses rooms. Having some of the compositions more than 15 meters long, AERO Bench to tier has become one of the main characters in this scenario.

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AERO to tier wall hanging < + Info... >

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