Dom Pérignon pairs finely with SELLEX


HAMMOK Cantilever chairs in hospitality dinning rooms

Dom Pérignon pairs finely with SELLEX

Last February, Dom Pérignon created THE DOM PÉRIGNON LODGE, an exclusive space where luxe and gastronomy could be enjoyed together surrounded by an exceptional landscape at Baqueira Beret Ski resort (Spain).

Located at over 2.000m height, on the abrupte area of Beret, Dom Pérignon was a real experience during 15 days, day and night.

Along the day, a public open lounge with direct access from skiing trails provided a privilege environment at the terrace, where the best worlwide champaigne could be tasted accompanied by a snack series specially created for this occasion by Chef Ramón Freixa (** Michelin & *** Soles Repsol)

At night, interest was focused on the Lodge’s inside. Sleds pulled by dogs collected the invited people at the Pla’s parking in Beret and brought them just to the tent’s entrance where a path lighted by candles addressed them to the inside. A deluxe decorated interior, with floor leather rugs, welcomed an exclusive group of guests who enjoyed a 5-dishes special menu, also cooked by Ramón Freixa and paired with Dom Pérignon Vintage 2009 and Dom Pérignon ‘Segunda Plenitud’ 2000.

The exclusive Champaigne Brand selected HAMMOK Cantilever Chair (designed by Burkhard Vogtherr) so as the guests could comfortably enjoy this singular experience.

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