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Sober and space-saving: Sellex furniture at Belagua Canteen

06.03.2024 | Hospitality

The Belagua Student Housing in Pamplona (Spain) unveiled its new canteen featuring the MASS Chair and FAST Table from Sellex. With the aim of providing an environment that encourages university life, Belagua selected these pieces from our range of honest design furniture, created by Javier Cuñado of ITEMdesignworks and Carlos Tíscar respectively.

The canteen now boasts 138 MASS Chairs in black colour and 23 FAST Tables with a grey frame and black circular melamine top. Additionally, the installation includes 2 trolleys, one for the MASS Chairs and another for the FAST Tables, ensuring efficient storage and transportation within the space. It should be noted that the MASS Chair trolley has the capacity for 40 stacked units and the FAST Table trolley accommodates up to 6 frames and 6 tops.

Designed to optimize space without compromising on comfort or style, the MASS Chair and FAST Table perfectly complement the interior design of the canteen, characterized by its sober elegance. The functional furniture design aligns with Belagua philosophy of providing practical solutions that enhance student life.

Nurturing university life since 1962

Belagua Student Housing, founded by the University of Navarra, has welcomed more than 8.000 alumni since its creation in 1962. With a mission to foster holistic development, Belagua offers a vibrant community where students can thrive academically, socially and culturally.

The almost 400 places are distributed on four sites: the 'Fases' and the 'Torres'. The main difference is the equipment of the individual rooms, but every resident has full access to the all the facilities including: a swimming pool, an indoor football pitch, living rooms, study areas, an event hall and the canteen.

Beyond serving as a place to eat, the halls of residence canteen plays a vital role in promoting a sense of community among residents. The thoughtful selection of furniture reflects Belagua's commitment to creating environments that support the holistic development of its students. Sellex is proud to be part of it.

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