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VACANTE, a strong and versatile bench

16.02.2018 | Product

VACANTE, a strong and versatile bench

VACANTE Bench was born with the idea to offer a strong bench which supported by very few elements, would be able to enjoy a longlasting public use life. In fact, VACANTE Bench was originally designed by Enric Miralles as a continous seating system for Sports Pavilion in Huesca (Spain).

Therefore, VACANTE was created to equip sport spaces and other large facilities, both indoor and outdoor: as airport and passenger terminals seating, installed at universities and libraries, and also displayed as waiting seating in healthcare centres or house courts.

Coina railway station (Portugal). VACANTE Bench


However, as time has gone by, this strong bench has become even more versatile than expected and it has positioned as a  seating bench for  funeral and visiting homes, being its kneeler accessory piece very much appreciated.

VACANTE versions

Pursuing the idea of being able to fit into different kind of installations, VACANTE counts on serveral versions. Models OX and RX, have been provided with a deeper seat and more inclination on the back, aimed for places where people have to wait for longer periods.

On the other hand, VACANTE models 1 and OO have a more straight back, less deep, aimed for shorter waiting time.

VACANTE Bench model OO


Both versions can be either with floor fixing or self-standing leg.

VACANTE  as a chapel and church's bench

One market where VACANTE Bench has really found its place along the years,  is that of churches and chapels, thanks to the possibility to have a kneeler added, which makes it suitable as funeral home seating.

It is the only bench in our catalogue offering this option, so much taken into consideration when choosing a church bench. The kneeler can be added to any of the VACANTE Bench's versions, a seating that we will find displayed at churches like San Pablo CEU College in Seville (Spain), Santa Clara in Vitoria-Gazteiz (Spain) or Real Monasterio of Santa Catalina of Siena in Paterna (Spain).

VACANTE Bench at the Santa Catalina of Siena's Royal Monastery in Paterna.


It is also relevant to point out that no few funeral homes have selected VACANTE Bench with kneeler for their facilities. This is the case of Trintxerpe Funeral Home in Donostia, the one in Mataró (Spain) or  Granollers(Spain). Or the prestigious Funeral Home Service Company, Memora, which trusted VACANTE Bench for some of their funeral homes like those in Hospitalet and Torroella de Montgri, in Spain.

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