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When a cafeteria is located in a place of worship

31.08.2022 | Hospitality

The origins of Wooddale Evangelical Church in Minnesota (USA) date back to 1943. Today it is divided into four campuses: Loring Park and West Bank in Minneapolis, as well as those in the cities of Edina and Eden Prairie. In addition to its religious function, the institution has a wide range of facilities, including a pre-school and children's educational area, a multi-functional space, a cafeteria and a car park.

Langer Construction was commissioned to renovate the 11,500 m2 Eden Prairie campus. To do so, they worked on the open-plan areas for group sessions and the smaller breakout rooms. The project also included the expansion of the cafeteria with improved food service and a more efficient layout of the space.


Wooddale Church Coffeehouse, Eden Prairie (USA)
Wooddale Church Coffeehouse, Eden Prairie (USA)


The coffeehouse, located in the church itself but also with separate access, serves both parishioners and anyone who wants to drink coffee, meet with friends or work in a spacious and pleasant atmosphere. And this is precisely where the SLAM Family designed by Lievore Altherr Molina for Sellex comes into play. In Basic Chair and High Chair versions and entirely in black, the seating equips this cafeteria with large windows, high ceilings and a sober, industrial air.

The versatility of the SLAM Family is evident in the different types of installations it has equipped, such as this cafeteria located in a spiritual and cult space.

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