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MASS, high stacking chair with new linking solutions

30.04.2024 | Product

At the heart of the MASS Chair's design by Javier Cuñado of ITEMdesignworks for Sellex, is its remarkable high stacking capability. With the ability to stack up to 20 units on the floor and 40 units on the trolley, it achieves a height that allows transportation and handling. On the other hand, the MASS High Chair offers stacking convenience of up to 8 units, ensuring efficient storage and space optimization.

One of the accessories of the MASS Chair is its Anti-Panic Writing Tablet, which swiftly folds up in response to impact, facilitating the passage and enhancing safety. The assembly of this accessory requires no tools and in addition of being easy, it is fast too.

 Elevating the functionality of the MASS Chair

Two new linking solutions have been added to enhance the utility of the MASS Chair: the Anti-Panic Linking Kit and the Welded Linking Piece.

The Anti-Panic Linking Kit is easy to use and allows compact rows of chairs to be joined together as a block. This kit prevents individual chairs from tipping over and facilitates a quick and safe evacuation in the event of an emergency. Despite the addition of this accessory, the MASS Chair remains fully stackable, allowing the same number of units to be stacked as without the linking kit, thus maintaining its space-optimising capability.

The Welded Linking Piece, on the other hand, is used to join several chairs together in a quick, comfortable (no need to bend down) and efficient way. Once again, it is important to note that the chair retains its stackability, allowing the same units to be stacked as without the linking piece, which guarantees its versatility.

To witness these features in an example, we invite you to view this video showcasing the versatility and functionality of the MASS Chair and its accessories. Watch the video here.

Sellex remains committed to providing honest design furniture solutions that meet the evolving needs of today's architectural and interior design professionals. The MASS Chair exemplifies this philosophy.

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