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Ecodesign: commitment to innovation, quality and sustainable future

10.04.2019 | Product

According to Jane Goodall, British scientist: “You cannot get through a single day without having an impact on the world around you”. At Sellex we aim to have the minimum impact. That’s why we ecodesign our products.

Ecodesign is a methodology that considers environmental impact of the products from the conception and development stage, trying to take preventive measures with the objective of diminishing the environmental impacts along its life cycle. Taking the product conception as starting point is key since more than half of the impacts could be prevented from the design process.

Ecodesign, therefore, questions the environmental impact that the designed product will have. In order to do this, it analyses the different stages of the life cycle of the product (manufacturing, distribution, use and end of life) and proposes actions to reduce the environmental impact of the product in each of them. The final result is measured in a percentage which shows the total improvement achieved. Always looking for a global improvement, the transfer of the environmental impacts from some stages of the life cycle to others should be avoided.

Following the ISO 14006:2011 standard, we are ecodesigning our products at Sellex. Therefore, we have created some documents that show the achieved improvement in each of the ecodesigned products. It is our commitment to innovation, quality and a sustainable future.

Download the Ecodesign documents here

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