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Furniture for Sports facilities

01.08.2018 | Others

 Spors Pavilion in Huesca, VACANTE Bench


A sports hall, a high performance center, a golf club.......they are all sports facilities where besides practising sports, a specific furniture is required to furnish the different zones in there. Stadium seatings, chairs and tables for the canteen or even  items to equip the accommodation of a sports training center.  At Sellex, we have been involved in sports facilities projects  where  our products have fitted well into.

Stadium seats

Individual seats  fixed to tier, created by  Enric Miralles for Spors Pavilion in Huesca (Spain) is a clear example of stadium seats. We are talking about VACANTE Bench, a model designed for this specific project and that Sellex customized and produced. VACANTE offers the strength needed in a sports facility, and also AERO Bench is a suitable one. So  thought the architects projecting  Udine Bocciodromo in Italy who counted on AERO Bench,  customized.

Furniture for sports training centers

Sports training is another field in which we have been involved. It is frequent to find our LA LITERAL folding bunk beds (design Lievore Altherr Molina) in high performance centers, like the one in Murcia, Narejos. Also, Dana Cup Academy, in the swiss city of Kilchberg, trusted LA LITERAL to furnish  the apartments where students are accommodated. This kind of facilities not only need furniture for the bedrooms, but also  for  living-rooms where confortable seating like BACK Lounge Chair, design Burkhard Vogtherr,  is required. High Performance Center in San Cugat, Barcelone (Spain) chose it for its relax areas.


It is not all about sport. As said, areas to relax  are necessary  too in these premises. For those spaces, lounge seatings are very suitable, like VALERI lounge chair, installed at Tennis Club in Kilchberg (Switzerland).  For larger spaces, a bench can be a good choice. At Usabal Sports Hall in Tolosa (Spain) thought  VACANTE  Bench was the right one.

A break at the canteen

Neither  an sports hall nor a club can do without a bar or restaurant, for there is a need for a break and recovery  after exercises.There is a wide range of furniture for bars, restaurants and canteens. IRINA Chair and PLANC Table make  a good pair, as an example.

Counting  on such well-equipped sports facilities, doing exercise is really nice!

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