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Furniture for restaurants, bars and coffee-shops

05.02.2018 | Hospitality

Comfort and design is something we expect to find at any hospitality facility, as we look for a pleasant leisure time. So far, choosing the right furniture for our restaurant, bar or coffee-shop should be taken seriously.

Tables and chairs in a restaurant will be used by hundreds of clients daily, so first thing to bear in mind is resistance. Materails like polypropylene, wood, painted steel or aluminium will ensure durability and resistance will be given by compact tops.

In summary, resistance, comfort and design are three of the features that furniture for restaurants should have. The three are very much taken into consideration at Sellex, and therefore, chairs and tables in our catalogue have been designed and produced under these premises, becoming ideals for this kind of facilities.

 SLAM Chair
SLAM Chair Haneda Chronogate,Tokyo


Hospitality Chairs

First thing we expect when going out to have lunch or  a coffee-chat with friends is that the restaurant or coffee-shop's chair is comfortable. Based on this, we launched IRINA Chair in 2003, with the collaboration of Lievore Alther Molina Design studio. Upholstered and wooden versions have been placed at many hospitality facilities. Some references are Globus coffee-shop in Zürich (Switzerland), Futurama caffe in Prague( Republic of Czeh), Zortziko restaurant in Bilbao (Spain) or Tennis Club in Kilchberg (Switzerland), among others.

But IRINA is not the only seating for restaurants that Sellex can offer. HAMMOK Chair series was born in collaboration with Burkhard Vogtherr, and the version called DINNER is suitable for places searching for comfort and design for their customers. HAMMOK DINNER Armchair keeps the same light frame of the series but on a more straight back position, as this kind of facility requires.



Another  chair that fits into this sector is SLAM Chairs program designed by  Lievore Alther Molina. Here, the most popular version is the basic one, with steel tube frame and polypropylene shell. But other options in wood with upholstered pads and aluminium frame are often selected by those restaurants, bars or coffee-shops  wanting to highlight their spaces.

Hospitality Tables

If we think of hospitality, we cannot help talking aobut PLANC Table, our most suitable product for restaurants, bars and coffee-shops. It is a table with a central column base, for indoors or outdoors, which top can be either in glass or in Compact. The design was created by Lievore Alther Molina matches finely with any of the above mentioned chairs. As an example, we can mention Bonnesfontaines Residence in Fribourg (Switzerland) where PLANC Table and IRINA chairs are displayed ath their canteen, meanwhile we will see this table combined with SLAM Chair at Toloño Bar in Vitoria-Gazteiz (Spain).

 PLANC Table


Separate mention has to be done to FAST Folding Table, our more polyvalent program, an innovative product which has found its place at hospitality too.

Further ‘height' in restaurants

Hight chairs and stools are more and more a fashion and many hospitality facilities include them in their furnishing. Following this trend,  Sellex has recently introduced SET Barstool series by Mario Ruiz

Any of the versions included in the collection can be a good choice for a restaurant: wooden legs barstools, on central leg, fixed to the floor or the called ‘on sled frame'

So fra, high stools need of a special type of table in a proper seat's height. For that purpose, we have ZUBI High Table, designed by Abad Diseño, being the perfect partner for SET Barstools. Now, all it rests is to enjoy the meal, Bon appetit!

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