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Ibis Styles Lima Benavides Miraflores, a hotel inspired by the Nazca lines

15.10.2020 | Hospitality

The Ibis Styles Miraflores Hotel in Lima (Peru) has chosen Sellex furniture to equip its facilities, which have an original design inspired by the Nazca lines. Specifically, our products can be found in the living area of ”‹”‹the hotel lobby, right in front of a mural made by hand, with sandstone and quartz, by the local artist Isabel Rejtman.

The BACK Modular Seating program (Burkhard Vogtherr) and the MIX Table (O.T.S) are the furniture chosen to accompany this work of art that shows a ceiling from which a small plane peeks out.

For the upholstery of the modular seating system, a combination of mottled green (3 modules) and natural oak (8 modules) has been chosen. The BACK Modular Seating is accompanied by two 600X750X430 ORGANIC MIX Tables with black legs and natural oak tops, in line with most seat modules.

An imaginary journey through Peru

The project has been led by the García + Torres Arquitectos architecture studio, which has taken care of the interior and facade design. Its managers are satisfied with the result, as since the hotel's opening it has received excellent reviews from users.

The project was undertaken with the objective of inviting the guest to discover more about the Nazca lines located on the southern coast of Peru. For this, a design with a lot of movement and colour changes was worked, which incorporates unexpected art and lighting elements chosen specifically for this proposal.

'We want the guest to make an imaginary journey over our enigmatic Nazca lines, from the moment they enter until they reach their room,' explains Yvonne Torres, the architect in charge of the interior design of the hotel project.

In this sense, Sellex furniture accompanies you on that imaginary journey. According to the architects themselves, the sinuous shape of the BACK Modular Seating program adds a lot to the Nazca theme of the installation. 'When I saw it, I felt that I belonged to this place before the building existed,' confesses Torres. As for the MIX table, the studio also considers that it combines with space and its profiled edges stand out especially.

BACK Modular Seating and ORGANIC MIX Tables, Hotel furniture
BACK Modular Seating in the Ibis Styles Miraflores Hotel


An opinion shared by the hotel owner, Marco Moreno Gimenes, who acknowledges being very satisfied with the result of the lobby. He considers that the design of the modular system, as well as the tables, 'fits perfectly' with the hotel's approach, giving it 'finesse and elegance'.

The journey through the Nazca culture extends to all rooms of the hotel. The restaurant also displays a decoration inspired by this area of ”‹”‹Peru and, how could it be otherwise, offers Creole food and typical dishes from Ica and Nazca. A whole trip that more than imaginary seems real.

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