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Range 100/100, recycled and recyclable furniture

04.03.2020 | Product

Concerned with the circular economy, sustainability and environmental responsibility, at Sellex we have the Range 100/100, a selection of products manufactured with 100% recycled and 100% recyclable materials.

This is a series of stools, chairs and auxiliary tables that we already offered at Sellex but which now have a new alternative version to the conventional one. The HANDY Stool (also used as auxiliary table), the MASS Chair, the SET SLED BASE and some Chairs of the SLAM program make up the Range 100/100 of recycled and recyclable furniture.

All starts with design

Design is much more than a beautiful object with the perfect proportions and colour. It has to be functional, of course, because it addresses a need. But in our complex world of uncertainty, a step forward is necessary: we should conceive the product holistically. This means the initial idea, the manufacturing, assembly process and the materials, the period of use and finally the end of life cycle need careful consideration.

Design needs to address what happens next with the materials that are used. Are they recycled? Are they recyclable? Which is the environmental impact that the product would have once it is not used? Design needs to reach a wider scope of responsibility and involvement in the circular economy. Design has to close the loop.

But this is only possible if this new scope is valued by people when purchasing the products. It is our responsibility as designers and/or consumers. It is in our hands.

HANDY, a stool that closes the loop

Stephen Philips of ARUP designed HANDY Stool to be used and cherished for a long time, not only as a seating but also as an auxiliary table. HANDY was created to last. It is not superfluous and unnecessary, it is versatile, functional, simple but technically sophisticated.

Supported by ISO 14006:2011, Ecodesign is a methodology that analyses the life cycle of a product and tries to diminish its environmental impact. During the product development process HANDY was ecodesigned and finally, an improvement of 10,4% was achieved.

HANDY Stool 100/100 made of 100% recycled and 100% recyclable polypropylene
HANDY Stool 100/100


Materials play a key role in sustainability and the circular economy. HANDY is manufactured in 100% recyclable polypropylene but we are committed to do it even better. That's why we worked with pioneer companies at European level of polypropylene recycling to launch a new version of HANDY 100% Recycled and 100% Recyclable: HANDY 100/100.

The 100/100 version of SET SLED BASE Stool

Another stool within our recycled and recyclable furniture range is SET SLED BASE Stool 100/100, a multifunctional seating capable of addressing all the needs of high and low stools as it has three different sizes: 76 cm, 65 cm and 45 cm.

SET SLED BASE Stool 100/100 a 100% recycled and 100% recyclable polypropylene shel
SET SLED BASE Stool 100/100


The difference with its conventional version lies in the materials used: the sled base frame is formed by a 12 mm diameter rod which in this case is made of recycled steel and is combined with a 100% recycled and recyclable polypropylene shell.

100% recycled and recyclable chairs

The Range 100/100 is completed by some chairs from our SLAM and MASS families.

The SLAM Chair 100/100 range consists of a selection of SLAM Chair models manufactured in 100% recyclable and recycled materials, such as polypropylene and steel. The designs included in this range are the Basic Chair, the Sled Base Chair and the High Chair, available in two heights, 76 and 65 cm.

 SLAM Chair 100/100 manufactured in 100% recycled and recyclable materials
SLAM Chair 100/100


Regarding MASS Chair 100/100 we can also qualify it as a completely sustainable seat, as it is made of 100% recyclable and recycled polypropylene and steel. Just like the rest of the MASS Chair family, this model stands out for being stackable up to 40 units.

MASS Chair 100/100 are made of 100% recycled and recyclable polypropylene
MASS Chair 100/100


More than a sticker

When comparing the 100/100 and the standard version, we found difficult to distinguish them. The standard version is more homogeneous whereas the 100/100 version has little imperfections due to the recycled nature of the material. But the difference is not so evident.

How to distinguish between them? How to inform buyers that they are really buying a sustainable product?


HANDY 100/100 Sticker

HANDY 100/100 Sticker

It is more than a sticker, it is a little proof of the Sellex commitment to create sustainable products that contribute to the circular economy. It is a little step in a longer race.

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