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LORCA, your working table

12.03.2018 | Product

LORCA Table was designed by Abad Diseño studio with the firm idea to be a working table. Materials together with its singular design have made LORCA Table a demanded piece as part of the furnishing in offices, workplaces, meeting rooms and reading spaces.

 LORCA Table
Workplace Table, LORCA Table.


In fact, we owe its creation to JAKIN program, also designed by Abad Diseño, a specific shelving system designed for libraries. As time went by, we noticed that this program was also required to equip offices and workplaces. So, step by step, modifications and updates were made in order to meet with the customers requirements and singular elements with a new restyling were added. Thus is how LORCA Table was born, highligthing as a working table rightaway.

LORCA Table, made in chipboard, veneered or lacquered, is offered in different versions in order to fit into each space. LORCA Table with return are aimed for office workplaces, while LORCA Table without return is more likely to be used for the Management. Finally, a version of LORCA Table suitable for meeting rooms completes the series.

Office and Workplace Table

Ever since its edition in 2009, LORCA Table has served as a working table in many workspaces, offices and meeting rooms. This is the case of Nuon in Amsterdam(Holland) or Nitrogenmuvek in Budapest (Hungary) companies that made a choice to have LORCA Table. But LORCA goes beyond the business world. We will find it at University offices like Private University in Lima (Peru); in library Reading rooms like Oblate in Florence (Italy) and even at public facilities like Veterinary College in Palencia (Spain).

 LORCA Table
Meeting rooms, LORCA Table.


But if we are to highligth one reference that is the European Parlament, where LORCA Table displays beautifully.

Undoubtly, a truly working table.

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