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The FAST Table has a new trolley

02.05.2022 | Product

If something defines the FAST Table, it is its versatility, as it has a folding frame that can be joined to tops of different formats. Its assembly, easy and quick, also works in favour of being a clear candidate for equipping hotel event rooms, restaurants and other hospitality spaces.

Making a space profitable goes through giving it multiple uses, for which having functional furniture is key. This is not only applicable at the time of installation, but also in the collection and subsequent storage. All this leads to an essential accessory: the trolley.

The new transport and storage trolley of the FAST Table maintains the necessary width to pass through any standard door, facilitating its movement from one space to another. But with its new symmetrical structure, the tops are located in the centre and the frames on the sides. This novelty allows round tops, which tended to sway if an additional accessory was not added, to be well seated. Thus, a single trolley is capable of transporting and storing up to 6 frames and 6 round, square or rectangular tops.

We hope that this novelty will provide greater functionality and versatility not only to hospitality facilities, but also to office spaces, education, and auditoriums, among others.

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