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Sellex furniture in Mexico D.F.

14.12.2017 | Product

Sellex is a membership, together with other basque-navarre companies involved in Equipment, Wood and Design sector, of CLUSTER HABIC which has opened a few weeks ago a new trade office and showroom in Mexico, contributing to increase our presence in this country.

The new espace is located in the Architecture and Design Center of the mexican capital and under the name  ‘Basque Living Mexico' with the purpose to be a show window of the basque furniture by gathering suppliers, dealers and end users. Besides, the facility counts on an exhibiting area where some of our products will be displayed.

 Sellex furniture at the new trade office of Cluster Habic in Mexico
Sellex furniture at the new trade office of Cluster Habic in Mexico


The mexican market has shown a strong interest in this new project and roundabout  hundred architects attended the working breakfast organized on the occasion of the ‘Basque Living Mexico' inauguration.

Javi Urbano (left): Export Area Manager Latin America
Javi Urbano (left): Export Area Manager Latin America


Two people from Habic will assist the office-showroom by giving professional support to the companies wanting to introduce into new countries, tracking new equipment projects, visiting customers and making market analisys.

'Basque Living México' is far from being our first action in the aztec country. Already some mexican companies, like Sukarne and Promopal, have trusted Sellex products to furnish their premises. Other companies like TIBA, Santander Bank or Pepsi Cola, made their choice of our furniture for their branches in Mexico, a country where we have been for over 15 years and that now we are determined  to make efforts in order to increase our presence there.

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