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Polypropylene new finishes in all Sellex Collection

17.10.2018 | Product

From next 1.11.18, polypropylene colours range will be updated in the following series:

  • SLAM Chair
  • SLAM High Chair
  • SLAM Beam Seating
  • SET Barstool
  • HANDY Stool
  • MASS Chair
  • MASS High Chair

Current colours will be kept (white, black, light grey and dark grey) and  four more come to join:

  • Pantone 550 C (Suggested by ARUP and ‘enhanced ‘by  Sellex)
  • Pantone 5625 C (Suggested  by  Javier Cuñado)
  • Pantone 7766 C (Suggested  by  Javier Cuñado)
  • Pantone 465 C (Suggested  by ARUP)

The colours  no longer in production, will be available until stock is over. From that moment on, they  will be considered ‘special’ ones and the minimum quantity to order will be 200 units in SLAM and MASS, and 500 in SET and HANDY.

PDF Polypropylene Finishes

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