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SWING Chair: an even more complete family

28.09.2021 | Product

Since the launch of the SWING Chair designed by Burkhard Vogtherr and Markus Dörner, the family has grown so much that we believe it is necessary to review all the options it has:


  • SWING: Tall shell with headrest
  • SWING Conference: Medium shell


  • Upholstered Stainless Steel Arm
  • Upholstered Painted Steel Arm
  • Upholstered Arm


  • 4 Castors Aluminium frame
  • 4 Castors Stainless Steel frame
  • 4 Castor Painted Steel frame
  • 4 Glides Stainless Steel frame
  • 4 Glides Painted Steel frame
  • 5 Castors Aluminium frame
  • 5 Castors Stainless Steel frame
  • 5 Castors Painted Steel frame
  • 5 Glides Stainless Steel frame
  • 5 Glides Painted Steel frame


  • 10 different upholstery groups comprising more than 30 upholstery collections.

To all this range is added the SWING Relax, the ideal version for rest spaces.

All these options give the SWING family great versatility, both in terms of image and in prices, thus allowing to be part of different types of projects.


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