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Monverde Hotel, a whole tourist experience around wine

22.02.2021 | Hospitality

The Monverde Hotel in the Portuguese town of Amarante is the result of an ambitious remodelling and expansion project of what until now had been a simple winery in the Quinta da Lixa vineyards, which needed to be renovated.

The project wanted to go far beyond offering luxury accommodation and catering, it wanted to become a unique experience for its visitors that had wine as protagonist and it has succeeded. Hence its name, Monverde Wine Experience.

This impressive work has been orchestrated by the architect Fernando Castro Coelho, of FCC Arquitectura and by the interior designer Paulo Lobo. Together they have managed to reform and expand the infrastructure, maintaining perfectly the architectural and cultural legacy of the environment, ensuring that the contemporary and the rural coexist.

The complex is located in an area of ”‹”‹30 hectares next to the bank of the Duero river that completely merges with the wood and stone of the environment and with the tones of the vineyards. Includes accommodation (30 rooms) and catering services, visits to wineries, spa, indoor and outdoor pools, wine tasting rooms and facilities for events and conferences.

A table to taste wine

It is precisely for these last rooms (those for wine tastings and other events and conferences) that the rural hotel has chosen Sellex. In this way, the multipurpose rooms of the Monverde have been equipped with the FAST Table, in different finishes, shapes and sizes.

The multipurpose rooms of the rural Monverde Hotel have been equipped with the Fast table
The FAST Table in the multipurpose rooms of the Monverde Hotel


This design by Carlos Tíscar is the best option for this type of multipurpose space, as it is removable and stackable. The FAST Table allows the use of a single frame with countertops of different shapes and dimensions, as well as the jonction between them, which improves the optimization of space. Also, a trolley can be incorporated as an accessory that allows all the parts to be easily carried.

On this occasion, the colour chosen for the tables was brown, in keeping with the predominant colour of the environment.

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