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Barceló Costa Vasca, a hotel for events in San Sebastián

24.11.2020 | Hospitality

After a comprehensive reform, which has taken approximately eight months, the Barceló Costa Vasca Hotel in San Sebastián (Spain) has reopened its doors, positioning itself as one of the best hotels for events in the capital of Gipuzkoa. Well-deserved position, as the reform project included the creation of a 1,000-square-meter convention centre in which are distributed 9 paneled meeting rooms with natural light.

For Sellex it has been an honour to be part of the project equipping its event rooms with the multipurpose furniture that this type of space requires. The FAST Table designed by Carlos Tíscar has been chosen, a removable, folding and stackable table perfect for event rooms where celebrations of all kinds take place, since wedding banquets to conferences and business meetings.

The interior designer himself, Ernesto de Ceano, highlights the great 'versatility and flexibility' of the FAST Table, as well as its 'excellent design in keeping with the quality reflected by the hotel'. In addition, it especially values ”‹”‹the possibility of choosing finishes that are in accordance with the rest of the coatings used to dress the hotel.

Specifically, about 160 FAST Tables have been installed in different sizes (1800X550 and 1900X800), with a black frame and white melamine tops and courtesy panels. Also, some of the tables have the electrification incorporated, very useful for professional or training events, and two trolleys have also been purchased to transport the tables when they are not in use.

FAST Table, versatility and flexibility
FAST Table in the Barceló Costa Vasca  Hotel


The rehabilitation project has included an underground car park with 320 places and 10,000m2 sports facilities, as well as an indoor and outdoor pool, a wellness centre and a beauty salon.

A design that blends into the space

The rehabilitation works have also managed to position the Costa Vasca Hotel in San Sebastián as one of the most modern in the city. Thanks to a design that is inspired by the landscape of the area, the hotel manages to blend into the space. For this, the façade has been covered using a micro-perforated alucobond metal mesh, which acts as a curtain, thus recalling the natural environment of the Basque Country.

That inspiration, in the landscape of the Basque Country in general and San Sebastián in particular, is also reflected in the interior design work. The combination of sea and mountains is reflected in some decorative elements: a green table at the reception; a sheet of blue-toned mirrors welcoming guests; oak wood panelling on the ground floor of the hotel, emulating the forests of the Basque Country; and two concrete murals inspired by the work of Eduardo Chillida.

Definitely, visiting the Costa Vasca Hotel is to take a quick tour of its wonderful surroundings.

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