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Virtual office space equipped with Sellex furniture

02.11.2022 | Product

New trends in office interior design call for spaces with different atmospheres. The more traditional workstation layout with desk and chair must coexist with more relaxed soft seating environments, as well as informal meeting areas with stools and high tables. All in the interests of facilitating increasingly necessary collaborative working.

The honest design furniture range of Sellex equips this variety of environments, bringing a different personality to each of them depending on the piece chosen. This video of a virtual office space is a good example of this. Click here to watch it.

The design of this office seeks to create an open-plan space that facilitates both individual and collaborative work, without forgetting to incorporate large amounts of natural light and green spaces, which, apart from improving the worker experience, saves energy. It is a contemporary office, combining different levels of seating and privacy.

This virtual space designed by Trivima will be available in the new website we are working on. The user will be able to interact with it by choosing different furniture and its finishes. We are looking forward to show you soon this and other novelties.

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