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New Cruise Passenger Terminal in Getxo has been equipped with AERO Bench

27.04.2017 | Terminals

Our AERO Bench has been chosen to equip the arrival&departure terminal of this new infrastructure. This bench, designed by Lievore Altherr Molina, reflects minimalism, lightness, confort and strength. A design in aluminium extruded profile and stainless steel, ideal as a terminal seating as it fits well both, indoor and outdoor.

AERO Aluminium Bench
Getxo Passenger Terminal (Spain). AERO Aluminium Bench


Getxo New Cruise Terminal is one of the first tourists entrance into the Basque Country. The need to give a modern, attractive and confortable image has been relevant at time of selecting our AERO bench for this terminal.

The design of the terminal has been inspired by the surrounding environment, the sea and the waves, that's why the roof's morfology is a curving one. On the other side, the cover roof's supports are V- shaped, similar to those used in old ships and as homage to sea architecture.

Used Materials are remarkable for its functionality, durability and safety; at sea terminals like in here, it is essential to use anticorrosive and fire-retardant materials. Indoors, warm, clean, good quality and longlasting designs play together and AERO Bench has been incorporated to the interior architecture of the Cruise Terminal.

The building, construction and project direction have been carried out by architecture Company Ajuriaguerra Tres.

AERO Aluminium Bench
Getxo Passenger Terminal (Spain). AERO Aluminium Bench


AERO Bench, our most international product.

AERO bench is the perfect terminals seating. Present in more than 30 countries all over the world, AERO bench is our bestseller product. At airports, railway and bus stations, or sea terminals, like this one in Getxo.... AERO bench fits well into any kind of infrastructure. Libraries, universities, museums, congress halls and even hospitals or funeral homes, have incorporated these benches to the interior and exterior design.

A bench provided with great resistance, durability and versatility but at the same time, with the elegance and visual lightness of a quality design.

More than 100.000 seaters of AERO bench sold around the world and all the national and international granted awards make this bench an essential piece at any terminal, facility or infrastructure.

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