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BNIC (Bureau National Interprofessionnel de Cognac, France) decided to have HAMMOK Chair series and JAKIN Table system to refurbish the Directors Board Meeting Room

13.09.2016 | Offices

BNIC (Bureau National Interprofessionnel de Cognac, France) has refurbished the Directors Board Meeting Room with HAMMOK Chair , design Burkhard Vogtherr , and JAKIN Table program, design Abad Diseño.

BNIC is an interprofessional organization that gathers and act on behalf of all the Cognac growers and firms of the region of production,. They are engaged in the study and folllow up of the regulations around the world regarding Cognac 'origin label'.

In order to carry out the renovation of this impressive meeting room (with a capacity for over 100 people) they have counted on HAMMOK Dinner chair and JAKIN table customized to the special requirements of this room.

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