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ARUP trusts again in HANDY for its offices

08.02.2024 | Offices

ARUP has done it again. The international design and engineering company has equipped its new offices in Birmingham with the HANDY Stool, designed by Stephen Philips, its own Global Product Design Leader. And why? For many reasons, but mainly because of its versatility and the many options for use it offers, something very useful in collaborative workspaces such as any of ARUP offices.

HANDY already equips several of the company's offices around the world, as is the case of the ARUP offices in London, where they also have the 100/100 version of HANDY. And this time, for the Birmingham offices, the company wanted to repeat with the HANDY Stool 100/100, made from 100% recycled and recyclable materials.

To be exact, 60 stools with Upholstered Seat Pads in three colours are the ones that accompany the ARUP team in their day-to-day work. They are used for meetings, talks, workshops... according to the needs of each moment, because being stackable, it takes up hardly any space, and being light, it is very easy to transport. In addition, to make it even easier, it has a trolley as an accessory.

A creative and inspiring building

The new office building is called 'One Centenary Square' and is part of 'Paradise Birmingham', a seven-hectare public space in the heart of Birmingham. As Philips tells us, it is the 'largest and most radical' development scheme Birmingham has seen in years. ARUP has been involved in the project with specialist engineering and design input.

One Centenary Square is one of the most sustainable buildings in the city. Hence there was no room for furniture that was not as sustainable as HANDY 100/100.

The new office of ARUP extends from the ground floor entrance, through the reception and events auditorium, to the three upper floors, organised into different work, meeting and activity areas above.

The truth is that, although Stephen knows the product well and is more than used to seeing it, he says that 'using it in such a spectacular and creative new office space is inspiring'. We couldn't agree more!

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