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Folding wall beds and bunkbeds for hotels, hostels and residences

27.11.2014 | Hospitality

LA LITERAL folding wall beds and bunkbeds, designed by Lievore Altherr Molina , are the best solution for space saving in hostels and students residences. Folding wall beds and bunkbeds offer the ideal solution in many locations where a double use of the space is needed, besides the sleep one.

This time we will give some tips to find the righ equipment solution:

1.- Hotels.

Hotel business consists in space saving. Thus the importance of counting on folding- away bunkbeds which allow optimazing the space. The option of LA LITERAL folding wall beds and bunkbeds are a great idea.

Folding wall beds and bunkbeds allow us space saving as they only get a room of 30cm depth when closed,... less than a chair does!

By using folding wall beds and bunkbeds we will have more room left, and will get to have triple, quadruple, quintuple, and even sextuple rooms.

LA LITERAL bunkbeds at Petit Palace Hotel, Italy
Petit Palace Hotel, Italia, Madrid ( Spain)

2.- Hostels.

The needs in Youth hostels are very similar to those of Hotels, but in a more casual and youthful set. Herein the most relevant is the space saving for which multi-purpose furniture is essential, like LA LITERAL program that allows us to optimize the space, being able to accommodate up to 12 people within 24 m2!!!...

LA LITERAL bunkbeds at Inturjoven Youth Hostel
“Inturjoven” Youth Hostel, Cazorla ( Spain )

3.- Students Residences.

Students residences require enough room, tidiness and adaptation to the students needs.

Studio version of LA LITERAL beds and bunkbeds series is the ideal one for this kind of spaces.

Studio version nicely combines a folding away bed with a tabletop which shares the space used by the bed. Thus, both the bed's functionality and the studio zone coexist allowing optimizing the room as when the bed is folded, 30cm are only occupied.

LA LITERAL Studio folding bunkbed
LA LITERAL Studio folding bunkbed

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