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Inturjoven still counts on LA LITERAL bunk beds program to equip their hostels

02.06.2015 | Hospitality

Hostels belonging to Inturjoven have been using LA LITERAL (design Lievore Altherr Molina) ) folding bunk beds program for quite a long time and their experience is just great.

LA LITERAL has equipped over 20 hostels , with an average of 40 bunk beds in each one.

Among the benefits that LA LITERAL program can provide we find the following ones:

  • Room's best space saving.
  • 'Proper' beds that guarantee a good sleep.
  • Safety use.
  • Minimum maintenance.


All this has enable to carry out the installations of almost all hostels in the Inturjoven network , and you will see some of them in the next pictures .


LA LITERAL bunkbeds < + Info... >

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