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LA LITERAL Folding Bunk Bed installed at the new Pediatric ICU of Sant Joan de Déu Hospital

22.01.2018 | Health

‘Sant Joan de Déu' Hospital in Barcelone (Spain) has made its choice on  LA LITERAL Folding Bunk Bed (designed by  Lievore Altherr Molina) to be placed at the new Pediatric Intensive  Care Unit.

We talk about one of the best PICU in Europe and it will be operative along this 2018 year. It will count on 1.440 sqm and on the last generation technological contribution, on same basis as the ICU of Boston Pediatric Hospital, considered as a worldwide reference.

 LA LITERAL Folding  Bunk Bed
LA LITERAL Folding Bunk Bed at Sant Joan de Déu Hospital


By building up this new Intensive Care Unit, the Hospital wants to improve the staying of sicked children and their families, besides making the professionals work easier.Thanks to this extension, patients will enjoy having private rooms including a lounge space for relatives accompanying ill people. It will be precisely in those zones for accompanants where LA LITERAL folding bed will be placed.

This type of folding beds are very often requested by hotels and hostels, but they are also a suitable product for healthcare facilities. Not only for people accompanying the patients but, as it is the case of Sant Joan de Déu Hospital, also are fine to equip the place where sanitary professionals can relax.

 LA LITERAL Folding  Bunk Bed
LA LITERAL Folding Bunk Bed at Sant Joan de Déu Hospital


This design created by Lievore Altherr Molina presents straight lines without stridences, resulting a comfortable and easy to use system. All those features make of LA LITERAL a folding bed that fits finely into any hospital room.

Some few examples of different hospitals and healthcare centres using LA LITERAL folding  beds and bunk beds in their facilities are: Morrison Hospital in Swansea (UK), Santa Ana Children Hospital in Vienne (Austria), U.Z. University Hospital in Gent (Belgium) or Las Vegas Ophthalmologic clinic in Oviedo (Spain), among others.

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