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A sea of colour at the Hove Dental Clinic

08.03.2023 | Health

The Hove Dental Clinic, located on the south coast of England, welcomes its patients with a colour scheme that is somewhat atypical for medical centres. In Hove, the clinic has moved away from the soft, neutral tones to which we are accustomed, to fill the space with a range of colours inspired by the coastal landscape.

The project is the work of Hague Dental Supplies, specialists in designing and developing dental practices since 1996. Many of their projects start from scratch, taking an empty building and giving it a holistic shape, taking care of the design and interior design as well as the construction and installation of equipment.

In this case the project was the development of a brand new dental practice, from an empty shell into a contemporary 7-surgery practice.

The inspiration for the interior design came from the 5 murals hung around the building by a local artist whose main inspiration is the sea.

These murals are the 'culprits' of having filled the clinic with colour with magenta, blue, yellow tones... even the clinic's logo has changed colour. A colouring that does not alter, but on the contrary, invites to tranquillity.

SLAM Soft contributing its drop of colour

Within this sea of colours, it could not be missing a piece of furniture that was in the same line and when choosing it, Hague Dental Supplies looked at Sellex, specifically at our SLAM Soft Beam.

Beam in the waiting room of a Dental Clinic
The SLAM Soft Beam in the waiting room of the Hove Dental Clinic


'We were looking for a modular set of furniture, which was modern yet robust, to fit the environment', say the interior designers, and they found it in this design by Estudi Manel Molina, which also highlights the opportunity to use a wide range of specific fabrics for sanitary spaces.

These upholsteries, which are part of our standard offer, contain special treatments that contribute to a more hygienic environment. They keep the concentration of germs low, prevent the proliferation of fungi, mould and mildew spores, and even allergic reactions. This is what makes them suitable for healthcare facilities.

For its part, the possibilities offered by the SLAM Soft Beam are endless. It is a modular seating system that allows configuring an upholstered bench from 2 to 6 seaers in different versions and combining different orientations.

Finally, 4-seater benches have been installed in the clinic, some with backrest and armrests, especially designed for older patients. And the tones chosen match the style of the space: benches in turquoise, warm grey and deep pink are distributed throughout the waiting rooms.

The SLAM Soft Beam, which was officially introduced at the Orgatec Exhibition 2022, has already equipped other healthcare facilities such as the Imagis 67 radiology cabinet. It is clearly a perfect seating for waiting rooms where patients should feel more than comfortable.

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