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BACK Modular Seating, the thousand and one shapes modular bench

24.05.2018 | Product

None of the other models in our Collection is able to transform into so many different configurations and shapes as BACK Modular Seating does, a new concept of modular bench allowing plenty of compositions: linear, zigzagging, in curves and much more... BACK Modular Seating system can also be combined with different materials: wooden finishes and fabrics, front padding and visible wood....It can be said that is is a camaleonic seating, adaptable to any kind of setting.

 BACK Modular Seating

The idea was presented to us by designer,  Burkhard Vogtherr, and we inmediately loved it, so we placed a bet on this ambitious series. BACK Modular Seating is a program that enables the customization of each facility according to the architect's demands and the requirements of the end user.

One of the peculiarities of BACK Modular Seating is its recomposed oakwood shell being eco-friendly as the wood comes from sustainably managed forests.

 BACK Modular Seating
BACK Modular Seating.

That camaleonic feature makes  BACK Modular Seating ideal for any kind of installation. Lime University, for example, found BACK Modular Seating a suitable seating for its lounge spaces and decided to placed it in their premises.

There is also a demand from large companies that require to have modular seatings in some of the areas, specially those orientated to the public. This is the case of Kas Bank in The Netherlands.

Another proof of the versatility of BACK Modular Seating is its suitability as Funeral Homes bench. Needless to say, this modular seating system has almost no limits thanks to its thousand and one shape possibilities.

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