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Euston railway station in London (UK) has AERO Bench as the seating furniture

17.05.2017 | Terminals

AERO Bench (design Lievore Altherr Molina) serves as seating for the passenger waiting areas of Euston railway station in London (UK).

The original Euston station opened in 1837 and was the first intercity station to be built in London belonging to London and Birmingham Railway Company.

It was projected by well known architect Philip Hardwick.

People’s traffic increased very quick at this station and several extensions had to be carried out, specially in the decade of 1840.

The station stayed the same until the decade of 1960.

The original building of classic style was demolished and substituded by a fully new one which was inaugurated in 1968, although the works in the surroundings and the new square in front of the station continued later on. In 1970 the whole project was inaugurated, included office towers.

There are further proposals for new extensions of the station and that this one will be the departure of High Speed Railway line, HS2, going from London to other main cities in Great Britain.

Once again, we can see how well AERO bench is integrated in a space of long run history.

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