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BILDU seating bench at HOMI hospital foundation in Bogota

28.06.2017 | Health

Designed by recently awarded 2016 National Design First Award, Mario Ruiz, BILDU Seating bench is the piece selected by the Misericordia Hospital Foundation (HOMI) for its new children's oncological hospital in the colombian city.

BILDU modular seating
BILDU modular seating


This hospital bench combines formal beauty and required functionality in this kind of facilities, creating a modern and elegant ambiance for its waiting rooms.

These modular seating consists of plain wood or upholstered shells, aluminium side legs and extension linking beam in aluminium. Timeless and longlasting styling benches featuring the identity of the designer.

BILDU modular seating system is standard available from one to four seaters, but longer and endless compositions are allowed by means of adding in-between legs.

Armrests can be placed at any position. And also side, corner or extension tables can be provided. Shells can be in natural or stained wood, and upholstered. The versatlity of BILDU seating bench makes it suitable for hospital waiting rooms, lounge areas at airports, universities and in many other installations.



HOMI Foundation, being a reference in Colombia in the fight against children's cancer, comes to join other hospitals like  Bliss Medical Center in Nairobi (Kenya),l Hospital General Tachikawa Hospital in Japan or Pasteur Medical Center in Toulouse, France, which have counted on our modular seating for their waiting rooms.

At Sellex, we feel really proud to see our seating program being part of these relevant zones of the hospitals.

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