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VACANTE Bench welcomes the passengers to Bilbao Intermodal

24.01.2020 | Terminals

The new Bilbao Intermodal bus station (Spain), formerly known as Termibus station, has been equipped with the VACANTE Bench, designed by Enric Miralles for Sellex. The bench will be responsible for welcoming the passengers to the renovated terminal.

More than 60 benches are placed now in an underground space. This is the main novelty of the terminal, that now it is below ground. The Bilbao Intermodal, in which more than 40 million euros have been invested, is presented as a 'safe and modern' infrastructure in which city and intercity buses also converge, and which is connected to the suburban trains, the subway, the tram and the taxis.

 In the Bilbao bus station VACANTE Bench.
VACANTE Bench in the new Bilbao Intermodal. Source: Bilbao Intermodal


Another highlighted advantage of the new infrastructure is that it eliminates the environmental and traffic impact in the zone. It leaves an area of more than 7.500 square meters free, where a square and a building with a student residence, a hotel and housing will be located.

VACANTE, a strong and versatile bench

The new Bilbao Intermodal bus station has now 52 VACANTE Benches of 6 seaters with armrests, floor fixing legs and perforated steel shell in grey colour. In addition to these more than fifty benches, another 11 especially designed for people with reduced mobility have been added. In this case, the shell is made of upholstered black steel and they have a special signalling.

 Bilbao Intermodal station equipped with VACANTE Bench.
VACANTE Bench in Bilbao Intermodal. Source: Bilbao Intermodal


The VACANTE Bench was designed by Enric Miralles with the idea of creating a strong bench to equip facilities like this, an intermodal station where a large number of users pass by every day.  Specifically, a total of 25 national and international operators are expected to pass through the Bilbao Intermodal bus station and an average of more than 19.000 users per day, adding up to more than seven million people per year.

For this reason, we consider that VACANTE Bench has been a good choice to equip the new terminal.

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