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AERO Bench receives the visitors of Pamplona

12.09.2019 | Terminals

 More than 40 AERO Benches, designed by Lievore Altherr Molina for Sellex, are distributed in the vicinity of the Pamplona Bus Station (Spain). In particular, several models were chosen as waiting seats for tourists who arrive in Pamplona. In this way, we can find AERO Bench of 6 seaters with intermediate armrests and other backless benches of 3 seaters. Of course, all of them share the manufacturing material, aluminium, as it is one of the most resistant materials for this type of facilities in which flow of people is constant.

The Project is the work of the architect Manuel Blasco and it is the result of a contest called by the City Council of Pamplona. Only the proposed location was already a challenge, since it is located in the Pamplona Citadel, historical monument and Cultural Interest Property.

What proposed Manuel Blasco and his team winner idea, was a half-buried floor at the level of the Citadel moats, and recover on the surface the park of the Vuelta del Castillo, providing in this way a green blanket on this area.

The building takes place on 3 floors below ground level, being the first two those that belong to the station itself, whereas the third and last one corresponds to the parking.

The circular main bay stands out in Pamplona Bus Station. It is similar to an umbrella, with variable section and height beams starting from a central pillar to a circular directrix beam that rests on the perimetral supports.

Bus Station of Pamplona, AERO Bench
Aero Bench in the Bus Station of Pamplona.


The unique element that emerges on the surface is the marquee, a reinforced concrete slab that hosts the access to the building

FAD Award Finalist

The proposal of Manuel Blasco for the Bus Station Project was finalist in FAD Architecture and Interior Design Awards in 2008. The FAD Architecture and Interior Design Awards, commonly known as FAD Awards, are given by the ArquinFAD Association for the Promotion of Arts and Design (FAD).

They were driven by the architect Oriol Bohigas with the objective of promoting the avant-garde trends and since its foundation in 1958 they are usually celebrated every June.

In particular, five families of conceptually different constructions are awarded: Architecture, Interior Design, City and landscape, Ephemeral interventions and Thoughts and critiques. Over time FAD have become the oldest awards in Europe and one of the most prestigious.


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